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College Life Free essay! Download now

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College Life

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Life in college


'College life' is that phase in one's life when one learns the most important lessons of his/her life. It is for the first time in college when an individual is left to himself to make his own decisions. The importance of maintaining good and healthy relations with seniors, batch mates, friends and the faculty is known in this very important phase of life called 'College life'.
The art of making things happen while working in a group or a team by co-ordinating with each other is well learnt during college days. For instance, when I worked in a group of four members on a project, it was the sense of being in one team that bind all of us together and motivated all of us to put in a collective effort in working towards achieving the goal of project completion with excellence. It is one of the most important lesson learnt in college that is very useful to me even now as a professional.
Today, as a professional, when I am asked to work in a team, it is very easy for me to co-ordinate well with my team mates. It is just because I have already worked in a team when I was in college. I developed the
habit of listening to the ideas of all the people working in a group and have an elaborate discussion among the team members to decide on what needs to be done.
The art of decision making while considering ideas put forth by all the members in the team was developed in me when I worked for a number of competitions and projects while in college. It helps me now to make most important decisions in my professional life. Another important lesson which I learnt during my college was to maintain good relations with my professors, seniors and also my batch mates. It always helped me to gather information about any subject or any other work. It is the expertise of my professors, or the experience of my seniors or batch mates which always helped me to overcome a lot of difficulties without much trouble. It was all possible only because I was able to maintain good relations with one and all.
I would like to say that it's the lessons which we learn while in college, that help a lot to perform well in today's work environment. We can relate all the situations faced during college to our day-to-day professional life situations and use the lessons learnt in college to excel in our professional lives.

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