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Book Review: It's not about the bike: Journey back to my life Free essay! Download now

Home > University > English > Book Review: It's not about the bike: Journey back to my life

Book Review: It's not about the bike: Journey back to my life

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Book Review: It\Book Review: It\Book Review: It\


This essay is review of the auto biography of famous cyclist Lance Armstrong:how he fought cancer and made a remarkable come back to the cycling game.


Book review of ‘It’s Not About the Bike’ by Lance Armstrong
1. Introduction and summary of the book
It's Not About the Bike is Armstrong's account of the most challenging race he has ever entered: that of his own life. It is the story of overcoming the odds, of defying death and of personal rebirth. The story of courage, determination and humanity. The story of transformation from athlete to philanthropist, from arrogance to compassion, from hubris to humility.
Written in a straightforward tone, the book chronicles Armstrong's childhood in Texas as the son of a strong, loving, supportive, financially struggling, young mother; his beatings at the hands of a step-father; and his early excellence at endurance athletics. Armstrong became a brash powerhouse cyclist and began to enjoy the material rewards of winning while ignoring the onset of symptoms. At the time of diagnosis, the cancer had spread to his abdomen, lungs and brain.
He documents his search for optimal care, sperm banking, lack of health insurance, surgeries, chemotherapy, self-education and interactions with doctors and nurses. Through it all he acknowledges the tremendous support of his mother and friends, as well as sponsors who stuck with him with no assurance that he would survive, let alone race.
Before he was even through the first year, he decided to start a charitable organization, The Lance Armstrong Foundation, dedicated to cancer research and support of cancer survivors. Through this effort he met his future wife, Kristin Richard (Kik), and her love and support helped him through the dark days of emotional soul-searching post-treatment. The book also details her struggles with successful in vitro fertilization (They currently have a son and twin daughters). The book concludes with reflections on the birth of his son, the anniversary of his cancer diagnosis, the love of his wife, and his need to ride.

2. Statement of Objectives
The objective of this study is to critically analyze the book, derive the concepts embedded within and relate it to the theories studied in relation to Individual dynamics and leadership.The purpose is to draw inferences with respect to work behavior and relate it to the concepts being studied in the course ‘Individual Dynamics and Leadership’ in the present Trimester.
3. Method of Study
We had to identify a relevant book that was autobiographical, philosophical, motivational or any other and take approval from the faculty for the same. We selected ‘It’s not about the Bike’ which is Lance Armstrong’s autobiography. All the team members read the book and then brainstormed about the learning and insights with respect to the theories and concepts learned in the course ‘Individual Dynamics and Leadership‘

4. Chapter wise summary and critical analysis
Before and after: In the introduction chapter, lance Armstrong begins in the present and  says ...

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