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Why overseas study at Australian universities is popular Free essay! Download now

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Why overseas study at Australian universities is popular

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Why overseas study at Australian universities is popular essay previewWhy overseas study at Australian universities is popular essay preview


Why overseas study at Australian universities is popular


Why overseas study at Australian universities is popular

The number of overseas students has been increasing rapidly in Australia over the past one decade. Australia is becoming the most popular studying paradise in the English-Speaking countries. The phrase “overseas students” can be defined as the under-graduated students who come from foreign countries. As this situation, more and more educators and people who work for the educational Departments started to thinking why overseas study at Australian universities is popular. In my opinion, there are three main reasons which are teaching quality, social and nature environment and acceptable economic costs.

Australia is a developed country with abundant minerals resources and highly advanced technologies and also a whole entire high level educational system. Students studying in Australia can make use of the modern educational facilities there, such as laboratories, libraries, and teaching aids. They can acquire advanced knowledge of science and technology. Also their english will become better. Because they are exposed to an english environment. The teachers are experienced and they always be nice to overseas students.

Second reason contributing to this trend is that Australia is in peace with the environment blessed with natural beauty. As we know, Australia is a beautiful island with many fantastic nature beaches. Some coastal cities in Australia have wonderful climate. People who are immersed in this kind of condition must be very healthy and optimistic. Besides, there is less pollution causes fresh air and clean water. This climate is very suitable for living. Also, there are lots of popular tourist attractions such as the blue mountain and the opera house. Everywhere the students go they will see Australian enjoying their outdoor activity, picnics and visit to beach. Australia is secure and multicultural society. There is safe place with a low crime rate. In most places, streets are clean and open. The incidence of robbery and assault is relatively low and Australia has strict anti-gun and drug law. Most of the Australians are very kind and friendly to foreigners.

The third reason why overseas study in Australian universities is popular is the acceptable financial costs. Australian university tuition fee compares well with other English speaking countries even they offer no less quality of education than others. In the past 10 years, Australia has a stable lower exchange rate than USA and UK, although it is becoming higher and keeping refreshing the record now. Australia government also provide a reasonable policy for job opportunities. Overseas students can find a part-time job to reduce their financial stress.

As can be seen from the explanation above, Australian universities are such popular for some reasons. Australia government ...

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