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urban education Free essay! Download now

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urban education

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urban education essay previewurban education essay previewurban education essay preview


this essay is about the need for funding in urban education


Urban Education
Urban schools are at an extreme disadvantage, especially to the children that are attending these schools one of the inequalities are outdated textbooks and equipment which affect the quality of education that inner city children receive. Another is the buildings in dire need of repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, teachers feel overwhelmed by the stress and responsibilities of working in urban schools. In addition neighborhoods are segregated by social class and the poverty-stricken populations are not getting the same educational opportunities as the suburban population. This is a problem that must be investigated.
Urban school buildings are rundown and in need of repairs. There are broken windows that need to be fixed. Roofs are leaking which should be patched and in some cases completely replaced. Another challenge is the outdated textbooks that have pages missing and may have graffiti and other miscellaneous writing in them. In some classrooms the blackboards are broken and cannot be used. The school does not supply chalk for the blackboards and in some classrooms there is not any paper for the students or teachers.
Teachers face many challenges as well. Many children in urban schools come from single parent families in which the parent is most often working more than one job in order to support the family. Since these parents are not able to be involved in their children’s education, teachers are often forced to take on the role of the parent as well. Teachers may feel that they have enough responsibilities in trying to stimulate individual students without having to deal with the issues outside of the classroom that affect their learning.
“Salary is a major issue when considering the quality and worthiness of teachers in urban schools compared to other schools. For example, in 1991 a teacher in a suburban school got paid 20 % more annually than a teacher in an urban school” (Ng 2003). It also has to be taken into consideration that the cost of living in cities is much higher than in rural and suburban areas.
Urban students are faced with many other factors that the majority of suburban students do not have to worry about. Urban students are faced with drug infested neighborhoods and are surrounded by violence on the streets. The students are poverty stricken; many of them are not proficient in English and have difficulties in getting to and from school. These problems directly affect a student’s motivation which in turn affects their academic achievements. Students are supposed to be focusing on skills to help them lead a better life, but at the same time they are faced with distractions.
“Many urban students end up dropping out of school. For ...

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