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Policy in education Free essay! Download now

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Policy in education

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Policy in education essay previewPolicy in education essay previewPolicy in education essay preview


How policy has changed education. Over the years how policy has changed and what this has meant for education


Social policy and Education in the Early years.
The word policy comes into play in our everyday lives, whether this is in work or day to day settings. Every day the government as a rule makes decisions about the way people work, social policy that affects our lives and the distribution of benefits.

Policies include housing and benefits, to the children act and Every Child Matters (ECM). Both have influences over the way people live their lives and adapt their working patterns.
“Richard Titmus (1974) argued that social policy was about making choices between differing political ideas. The ideas chosen could then be used to influence how society organised and delivered its social welfare initiatives and public services.” Yeo, A. Et al (2002) pg13.
The choices that government make depend on what change they want to make within their own ideology. Labour came up with their own ideology, ‘The third way’ to implement policy. They used four new ideologies to recognise what policy approach they were tackling. This enabled them to ensure all of their thinking had been covered within an approach, and also follows what Labour –‘The third way’ wants to implement.
The way government thinks that social policy should be run and also managed has a great influence on the way policy is introduced. Factors that influence the way the government issues policy is greatly influenced by what is happening in the present time. This can be seen in the Every Child Matters 2004 (ECM) policy when the government had to act on the publicity on child neglect and abuse.
“The phrase ‘social policy’ generally has two possible meanings. It is used to refer to the academic subject called social policy or more importantly. It means social policies themselves, that is to say the intentions and activities of governments” Baldock, J. (2007) pg 6
The study of policy is an important one in terms of knowing what is happening in the government and the practises that they undertake. It is important for people to understand how policy is made and what impact important influential milestones turn into important government policy practise.
The way policy is conducted is from government, making an ideology concerning such matters that will impact on the social welfare of the country. This takes the form of a green paper which includes all the ideas concerned around the given subject or area, once the green paper has been passed it will then be edited into the white paper. The white paper is law which has been passed by government. This means that it has to be put into place in organisations that are concerned with the chosen policy law. Once the policy has been passed (White paper), ...

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