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Free Education

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Free education in T & T


Free education or subsidized education is education that is provided at no cost to students. Although primary school and other comprehensive or compulsory education is free in many countries, including post-graduate studies.
Free education also comes to students in the form of scholarship and grants, if they cover all or most of students' expenses while at school. Patrons for grants and scholarships may be individuals, institutions (often the school itself), advocacy initiatives, etc. They may have economic (e.g. tax-deductibility), humanitarian, charitable or religious reasons. These potential sources of income help to supplement your own resources. Several scholarships and bursaries are offered to Trinidad & Tobago nationals as well as nationals of other English-speaking Caribbean countries. They are advertised in the local newspapers between September and May of each year. Awards are made primarily on academic merit but some bursaries are based on financial need. The University offers several scholarships based on the results of the University Scholarship Examination held each year in April. These scholarships meet the tuition and maintenance costs for the duration of the course of study undertaken by the students. GCE A-level, CSEC students and First Year UWI students who are nationals of countries in the English-speaking Caribbean are eligible to take this examination.
Tertiary Education is this is the teaching and learning process that occurs following successful completion of secondary schooling or its equivalent, and which provides academic credits or competencies that lead to the award of qualifications such as certificates, diplomas and degrees. In Trinidad and Tobago, successful completion of secondary school includes the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), its national equivalent or technical/vocational equivalent.
Tertiary education such as undergraduate programmes lead to the conferment of qualifications with the titles of Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree or Bachelors degree. Postgraduate programmes lead to the conferment of qualifications with the titles of Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters Degrees, Doctoral Degrees or Postgraduate professional qualifications. Apart from ensuring employment opportunities, tertiary education plays a vital role in preparing our nationals to make valuable contributions to nation building, community empowerment and economic advancement.
As the old jargon goes, "nothing is free," somebody always has to pay for it, even if not the student, and he or she may have expenses to actually get a free education, like books and other materials. Free education has long ago been identified with "sponsored education" which, nowadays may evoke images of advertising campaigns, but in the past, especially in the Renaissance, was common practice among rich dignitaries who would sponsor the cost of the education of a young man, as his patron. With the advent of the Internet, where any kind ...

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