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The US market for in vitro diagnostic Free essay! Download now

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The US market for in vitro diagnostic

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The US market for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products will grow 5.1 percent annually to $20 billion in 2011. Based on extensive use in pre-hospital admission screening, basic physical examinations and diabetes self-monitoring, clinical chemistry will remain the top-selling product group through 2011 and beyond. However, clinical chemistry diagnostics will generate below-average growth in demand.


Established uses in metabolic and infectious disease detection and therapeutic drug monitoring, coupled with increasing applications in cancer, cardiovascular disease and congenital marker testing, will keep immunoassays the second-largest selling IVD product group. However, overall growth opportunities for immunoassay diagnostics will decelerate over the next decade due to increasing competition from nucleic acid and cellular analysis testing products. Competitive and market trends will also weaken growth prospects for IVD products used in blood testing applications. Advances in immunoassays, PCR and microarray technologies will moderate gains in demand for hematology reagents and instruments. Trends toward less invasive surgery will soften growth prospects for blood banking diagnostics. Improvements in the safety of anticoagulant and thrombolytic therapies will slow gains in sales of hemostasis testing products.
Table of Contents
• General
• Macroeconomic Environment
• Population & Demographic Trends
• Health Care Trends
o Acute Conditions
o Chronic Conditions
o Cancer & AIDS
o Health Insurance Trends
o National Health Expenditures
o Medical Providers
 Hospitals
 Physicians
 Outpatient Facilities
 Home Health Care Agencies
 Clinical Laboratories
 Blood & Organ Banks
o Patient Activity
 Hospital Activity
 Surgical Procedures
 Outpatient Visits
• IVD Product Overview
o Regulations
o Technology
o Diagnostic Testing Volume
o Clinical Laboratory Testing Services
o Pricing Trends
o Product Demand Patterns 1996-2006
o US Trade
o International Markets
• General
• Product Segments
o Reagents & Consumables
o Instruments & Systems
• Clinical Chemistry Products
o Professional Products
 Reagents & Test Kits
 Standards & Controls
 Instruments & Systems
 Applications
 Producers
o Self-Testing Products
 Blood Glucose Monitoring Products
 Test Strips & Discs
 Monitors
 Other Self-Testing Products

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