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The Advantage of Cyber Monday vs Black Friday Free essay! Download now

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The Advantage of Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

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The Advantage of Cyber Monday vs Black Friday essay previewThe Advantage of Cyber Monday vs Black Friday essay previewThe Advantage of Cyber Monday vs Black Friday essay preview


A short Essay about the benefits of online shopping against in store buying.


Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday
The Advantage of Online Against In Store Shopping.

Introduction to Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Definition of Cyber Monday
Popularity of Cyber Monday
Growing statistics
Advantages of Cyber Monday
Online is more convenient
Shopping from home
Online shopping has more variety
More options online
Stores may be out of stock
Cheaper prices
Online items are usually cheaper online for the same item in stores
Arguments from Black Friday perspective
Door Busters
Instant gratification
Cyber Monday is a growing trend
The future of Cyber Monday
Works Cited
We’ve all heard about it on the news, or maybe you have experienced it firsthand. The early morning, the chaos, the crowds, and the feeling that all of this is worth it just to try and get your hands on that one product you know you have to get. Of course, I am talking about the dreaded Black Friday. But in today’s world of technology there is a new competitor in the post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping spree. I am talking about Cyber Monday. The reason this habit is becoming more popular is that there are several advantages to Cyber Monday that will keep you out of the annual cold, chaotic morning of Black Friday.
What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving in the U.S., is one of the busiest shopping days of the year for online retailers. The term was coined by, a division of National Retail Federation. The reason it has become a recognized shopping day is that retailers notice a spike in sales on this day as many consumers chose not to shop during Black Friday or did not find what they were looking for, headed to the web on Monday from work or home to find bargains. Many retailers use Cyber Monday to kick off the holiday shopping season by offering special promotions (Waters).
Growing in popularity, Cyber Monday has taken the shopping world by storm. According to last year’s statistics, U.S. online spending surpassed $1 billion on CyberMonday, up 16 percent versus a year ago. The day also marked the heaviest online spending day in history and the first day to surpass a billion dollars in spending (Rao). This change eclipses the increase in Black Friday spending which had only rose 9 percent. This increase in online shopping is due to the many great advantages that you have by avoiding the lines at the store.
One of the biggest advantages of cyber Monday is the ability to do everything from the comfort of your own house. Jeff Kagan, from the Ecommerce Times, states,
“Being home is a huge benefit to Cyber Monday. First, you wake up whenever you want, sit in front of your fireplace in your pajamas with ...

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