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Finance for Sunrise hotel Free essay! Download now

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Finance for Sunrise hotel

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Finance for Sunrise hotel essay previewFinance for Sunrise hotel essay previewFinance for Sunrise hotel essay preview


Statement of income and analysis of Surise hotel in America, California


The report I’m about to give is about the Sunrise Hotel which is located in the island of Rhodes. The report will be talking about its financial status and what kind of trends and formulas and solutions can be place to help and to see in which kind of situation the hotel is in.


The Purpose of this assignment is for us to understand the situation of the Sunrise S.A. hotel which is located in the Greek island of Rhodes, the way how it operates its effectiveness and its financial status within the two ye-ars of its operation. We have received information concerning the hotel’s financial status. We’re going to find its Statement of Cash Flows and its ratios, whether the business has increased or decreased in its own econ-omy condition, and what are its weaknesses for instance are they spend-ing their money in the right equipment or supplies, if they are having to many expenses and not enough savings and etc. We are here to put use the things we have learned and studied concerning financing, to see what we can accomplish in finding solutions and suggestions that the hotel is facing.

Statement of Cash flow

Before we give in numbers, percentages and etc, we have to understand what is the Statement of Cash Flow, what are its benefits and purpose. The Statement of Cash Flow is whether we have accomplished the result of getting our inflows and outflows correctly. Whether we have been spen-ding our cash properly or receiving our cash on the right time. In the State-ment of Cash Flows we have three categories which are Operating, Inves-ting, and financing activities. This category helps us evaluate and calcul-ate our cash flows in our business. (Financial Statement Analysis John J. Wild et al, 2007)

We have three categories in the Statement of Cash Flow, and one of them is Operating Activities, this activity doesn’t only concern about whether it has increased or decreased its revenue or expenses but it elaborates it more meaning its more than that. It’s when it has been already documented in its balance sheet before it has been paid for. Operating Activities concerns more about investing in inventories or equipment’s, for instance upgrading its dish washer, or buying new appliances. Another example for what Operating Activities is the accrued expenses and prepayments which is when the product or service is been delivered but being paid afterwards. Then the Investing Activities is when we invest or spend our money in equipment’s for a long period of time and won’t need to buy a new one within a year or so. Then the last Category is the Financing Activity which is basically capital stocks, ...

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