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Britain Tax system Free essay! Download now

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Britain Tax system

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Britain Tax system essay previewBritain Tax system essay previewBritain Tax system essay preview


summary of Britain Tax system


Britain Tax system
Taxation can be defined a levy duty which applies to anybody has reached working age until late of retirement age. In Britain the tax is the key factor in which the government will rely heavily to raise funds for the development of the country, and pays its infrastructures .Since British known as a sovereign nation and the tax system has achieved so many public services . Kings have had spent the tax collected money to finance the two World Wars and others infrastructures. The tax system on that period was easy to escape and which leaded to tax evasion and avoidance. This article is going to focus on how the public voice their opinions and how the Taxation system is set up in the United Kingdom and it will ou tline some recent policies and rules that the coalition government has introduced into legislation.

Tax has brought a huge contribution in the United Kingdom and stills financing all the government’s expenditures .The British government is heavily rely on tax incomes and it is also the case in all sovereign countries. The back ground of Taxation has been set up in different way since in the Roman Empire but in the 21st century taxes raised funds are allocated to different section for example National Health Service, education, defense, environment, community , employment and so. In today Britain, Taxation has turn out to be totally fixed in the society without the tax system the nation will not able to function. Taxes can also play to change the behaviour of people directly in which it can benefit the environment for example by increasing taxes on Tobacco, alcohol in which to discourage the consumers to purchase those products. The Tax system is changing much often through the economy down turn and the global financial. Therefore to resolve a problem, the government will increase tax on income and lower taxes on companies (corporation tax ) in order to help recruit more people to bring down the number of unemployment. The government has also cut tax on small businesses in way for them be able to run as normal during the slowdown of the economic. The corporation tax is used to be 40% three years ago compare to now 18% .The tax system will also be changed when a new leader of political party elected after a general election and politicians use tax cutting as argument to persuade the public to vote for them. People will worry about the recession and the nation is facing a financial crisis, the unemployment is rising every day, the interest rate is falling down every month (0.5) and inflation is very high. The role of the government is to ...

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