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CSR activities at BP


“The worst environmental disaster America has ever faced” was President Obama’s comment on the BP oil spill (Micheal Grunwald, 2010), the company that brands itself as “beyond petroleum” to picture its concerns for environment (BP Plc., 2011). Yet its image along with its financial prospects was completely changed after the mammoth oil spill caused in April 2010 known as the explosion of the deepwater horizon.
BP is one of the world’s leading oil companies. It is London based company that is directly linked with the use of fossil fuels,’ which face environmental challenges on global scale. BP being a global player is immensely powerful. BP’s main businesses are Refining, Marketing, Chemicals and Exploration.

“We help the world meet its growing need for heat, light and mobility by providing sustainable, secure, diverse and reliable energy solutions. We are committed to creating value through responsible performance, protecting our environment and the communities in which we operate” (, 2010).

Everything in the CSR / Sustainability world at the moment seems to evolve around BP and its action/inactions to fix the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Referring to the recent BP oil spill disaster as an example that CSR needs to evolve beyond its environmental aspects and the attention for detail by its practitioners (Pattberg, 2010).

BP has had other oil-spill disasters in its past which raises doubts, has BP really been an environmentally conscious company and how socially responsible are they? BP has been trying very hard since the incident to change its image. This study elaborates on what CSR activities has the company been following and what changes have been brought in the company, learning from the past experiences.
CSR activities are activities that are carried out “to pursue those policies, to make decisions, or to follow those lines in action which are desirable in terms of the objectives and values of society” (Bowen, 1953).
Source: (Mallen Baker)
BP’s CSR and Sustainability Analysis
A company like BP that has such extensive operations in so many countries needs to carefully manage the way it approaches human rights and ethical business practice. BP being both an huge employer and its nature of on ground operations it has a significant impact on the local communities therefore it becomes much more important to reduce any negative impacts and try and invest more for the society.
It is a well acknowledged fact that no company has achieved a profile higher in re-orienting the business in order to adapt to the needs of a society that is more sustainable. BP is trying to become a sustainable energy company rather than being an ...

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