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Management Information Systems

Radio Frequency Identification
RFID (radio frequency identification) is a radio frequency technology used to identify objects, persons, and animals (“What Is RFID?"). RFID technology origins can be traced back to the Second World War when the British Air force used transmitters with the objective of identifying enemy planes ("RFID - What Is?"). Today, RFID tags can be classified in three different types: Passive tags, Active tags, and Semi-passive tags The main difference between the tags is that the Active and Semi-passive tags have a battery and therefore do not have the need of an external power source as the passive tags need. ("Types of RFID Tags."). RFID is considered by many professionals as the technology that will be used instead of barcodes. There are more than one reason to this prediction, however, if we take into consideration that RFID can read more than 40 tags per second at distances up to 300 feet and without a direct line of sight, we can understand why once RFID tags become less expensive to produce will replace the use of barcodes ("How RFID Works"). Today, RFID technology is used to track assets, as a useful technology to help managing the supply chain, in payment systems, and in security and access control (“RFID Business Applications - RFID Journal"). Nevertheless, many civil liberties groups are concerned about the implications that could have the use of RFID in humans, because this technology could have the capacity to track 24/7 where an individual is (Are There Concerns About How RFID Will Be Used?).

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