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Emerging Wireless Technologies Free essay! Download now

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Emerging Wireless Technologies

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Emerging Wireless Technologies essay previewEmerging Wireless Technologies essay previewEmerging Wireless Technologies essay preview


This essay is about emerging wireless technologies


Emerging Wireless Technologies
Wireless technologies signify a rapidly emerging area of growth and importance for providing omnipresent access to the network for all of the community. Students, faculty and staff increasingly want network access from general-purpose classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, and even the hallways of campus buildings. There is interest in creating mobile computing labs utilizing laptop computers equipped with wireless Ethernet cards. Recently, industry has made significant progress in resolving some limitations to the widespread acceptance of wireless technologies. Some of the limitations have included disparate standards, low bandwidth, and high infrastructure and service cost. Wireless technologies can both support the institution mission and provide cost-effective solutions. Wireless is being adopted for many new applications: to connect computers, to allow remote monitoring and data acquisition, to provide access control and security, and to provide a solution for environments where wires may not be the best solution.
Wireless is based on computer networks protocols such as LAN, WAN and MAN. A LAN (local area network) for instance refers to computers and network devices connected together within the same building. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. A MAN (metropolitan area network) is a wider network that spans over several buildings in the same city or town while a WAN (wide area network) encompass a network that is not restricted by geographical location. For example WAN connects two centers one located in New York and other one located in Chicago. WAN connects LANs and may become limited by the distance and access of the users however the technology is similar to LAN and MAN although a bit expensive for high speed accessibility. With the development of networks, and telephony technologists saw the potential of combining the two (Knowledge Base 2005).
Wireless Internet gives emerging wireless service providers a powerful opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitor on the basis of the ability to rapidly create and deliver next-generation Wireless Internet services while maximizing the effectiveness of their networks. Wireless Internet brings significance to service providers by: Helping generate profits, quickly and by reducing the time required to design and deploy new Wireless Internet services. It also facilitate new revenues quickly and pledging a positive return on their network investment. Wireless Internet also improves performance, at reduced costs by assisting the fast identification and repair of network faults, the practical optimization of network performance, and the acceleration of the service-provisioning process. Wireless internet also gives comfort to the individual users who access the internet through their laptops. It is very easy for the laptop users to carry their laptops and use anywhere they have access to the wireless network.
Wireless cable, also called fixed wireless broadband, is emerging as a genuine local ...

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