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Wal Mart Mini Case Free essay! Download now

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Wal Mart Mini Case

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Wal Mart Mini Case essay previewWal Mart Mini Case essay previewWal Mart Mini Case essay preview


Wal Mart Mini Case


Wal-Mart is a brand that is well known around the world, especially in the USA. Wal-
Mart began in the USA in the state of Arkansas. It was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Wal-
Mart quickly became the largest retailer in the world. Defeating its competitors, Wal-Mart now
has control and power of the U.S. retail industry and making huge gains as the top retailer in the
world. Globalization was Wal-mart next step because of its retail dominance in the United States.
Globalization efforts happened quickly despite the fact that many people were skeptical about
Wal-Mart opportunities in the international marketplace. In the year 2006, over 40% of Wal-
Mart stores were internationally located. Wal-Mart decided to target emerging markets as the
starting point for international expansion in Europe, nations with growing populations in Latin
America, and in Asia is targeted China. “The first international store was opened in Mexico City
in the year 1991. By forming a joint venture with the Mexican retail conglomerate, Cifra, Wal-
Mart was able to overcome cultural differences (Ball al 396).” After some experience with
Mexican partners, Wal-Mart succeeded to expand further in Mexico, and entered Brazil
and Argentina. Wal-Mart became one of the first international retailers in China. “In the year
2006, Wal-mart out bided its largest competitor in China and acquired Trust-Mart, a chain of
over 100 super centers located in 20 cities in China (Ball al 396).” This acquisition made Wal-
Mart the largest network of food and department stores in China. Canada was entered in 1994 by
the acquisition of 122 Woolco stores. Wal-Mart quickly transformed the Canadian stores to
profitable operations. After two years the Wal-Mart started making profit in Canada. Also, Wal-
Mart is looking into the possibilities of entering the Indian market and thinks that this will be a
success. India has an extremely large population, one of the largest in the world and the largest
of the nations in which Wal-Mart is not active. It is not exactly the perfect market for entry. India
has its disadvantages but is seen by some as the next China. Wal-Mart believes there are good
opportunities if it enters India. Now, I will explain things that Wal-Mart has done well in certain
markets, mistakes that was made, where, and why.

First of all, I will like to state that Wal-Mart has done an overall terrific job in utilizing
their resources, market factors, and market indicators to locate adequate locations for its globally,
international business. Wal-Marts global strategic planning provided them the chance for top
management to identify opportunities, develop strategies to handle them, and stipulate how to
finance and manage their strategies. Wal-Mart biggest advantage is its competitive advantage
with their retail products in ...

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