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Total Quality Management Free essay! Download now

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Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management essay previewTotal Quality Management essay previewTotal Quality Management essay preview


Total Quality Management in a supply chain context.



3 Section 1 - Introduction

4 Section 2 – Context: Company XYZ Logistics
2.1 – Main products, services and customers
2.2 – Order qualifiers and order winners

5 Section 3 – Operational processes
3.1 – Taking an order from a customer
6 3.2 – Loading a vehicle ready for delivery
7 3.3 – Pallets unloaded, repaired and re-distributed
8 Figure 1 – diagrammatic representation of processes

9 Section 4 – Literature review: TQM
9-10 4.1 – Process/prevention
10 4.2 – Training and Education
11 4.3 – Empowerment/organisation
12 4.4 – Leadership and commitment
13 4.5 – Application of concepts (figure 2)
14 4.6 – Future of TQM

14 Section 5 – Implementation of TQM within Company XYZ Logistics
14-15 5.1 – Process/prevention
15 5.2 – Training and education
16 5.3 – Empowerment/organisation

16 Section 6 – Conclusion

17-18 References


With increasing customer scrutiny on every element of the supply chain, organisations are striving for competitive advantage in dynamic, increasingly demanding markets (Yeung, Cheng and Lai, 2006). However, despite the title making it an obvious tool for achieving this advantage, and the fact that Total Quality Management (TQM) has been on academic and industry’s agenda for decades, doubt still remains as to its operational impact. In fact, research suggests that over 60% “of TQM programmes fail to achieve their intended objectives” (Soltani and Wilkinson, 2010: 366).

This report will review the plethora of literature and research on TQM, looking at both sides of the debate, whilst applying it to an operational setting within the context of a national warehousing and distribution firm, Company XYZ Logistics. After looking at the operational processes currently in place within the organisation, the applicable concepts covered in the literature review will be applied to the company.

It is important to firstly define ‘quality’ and TQM. Crosby defines quality as “conformance to requirements” (cited in Kruger, 2001:150), which is a simple summary of countless definitions.

There is also no single definition of TQM, a point which Hellsten and Klefsjo (2000) believe contributes to the uncertainty surrounding TQM. However, this definition arguably encompasses many common concepts:
“TQM is an effective system for integrating the quality development, quality maintenance and quality improvement efforts of the various groups of the organisation so as to enable production and service at the most economical levels which allow for full customer satisfaction.”
(Slack, Chambers and Johnston, 2010:508)

Context: Company XYZ Logistics

Main Products, Services and Customers
Company XYZ is a warehousing and distributions company; collecting, storing and delivering goods. They also collect, repair and redistribute specialised pallets as part of The Pallet Network.

There are 4 depots; Chesterfield, Leeds, Lincolnshire, Manchester (Head Office) and Nuneaton. This report will concentrate specifically on the Nuneaton depot due ...

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