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The quest for Apple after steve jobs Free essay! Download now

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The quest for Apple after steve jobs

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The quest for Apple after steve jobs essay previewThe quest for Apple after steve jobs essay previewThe quest for Apple after steve jobs essay preview


It shows how Apple was formed and how it came into being one of the largest and most profitable technological companies in the world by Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs and his legacy

Steve Jobs, a notable figure in the world of innovation and technology passed away last month, leaving us with only fond memories of the way he changed the world of communication. Like the devices he created, his life was more and more discreet even while becoming more and more celebrated. His death last month came as a shock for nearly everyone, even though we knew that only grave illness could be keeping him from the company he co-founded and loved.
Jobs was amazing in numerous ways, as a designer, an innovator, a leader and as a person who changed the way we interact with each other. But his most singular quality was his ability to articulate a perfectly secular form of hope. Nothing exemplifies that ability more than Apple’s early logo, the bitten fruit, and turned it into a sign of promise and progress. He was also highly regarded for his vision and ability to see years into the future, and also for his exacting attention to detail
Jobs is counted among the greatest CEOs in American history, mentioned in the same breath as Henry Ford and other historical giants of corporate America. One of his most unique achievements was vaulting Apple to world leadership not just once, but twice. After co-founding the company with Steve Wozniak in 1976 and giving the world the Apple II and the Macintosh, he was famously pushed out in a clash with his hand-picked CEO, John Sculley.
When Jobs returned in 1997 the floundering company's survival was in doubt, but he proceeded to radically transform an aging computer-maker and take it in a new, and wildly successful, direction. There are few examples in any field of such a brilliant second act.
Jobs' few critics say the Macintosh was mostly borrowed technology, and beyond that all Apple gave the world was a sleek cell phone and an improved music-player. But many people in the tech world and beyond believe his impact on society and culture was monumental. He prompted millions to embrace digital technology, online media and mobile communications in ways they never did before
There is no other company which has simplified the use of mobile phones to such an extent, along with cutting edge technology to provide us with something which would capture our hearts. From the introduction of the iPod during the early 2000’s to the latest and groundbreaking technology of the ipad, it is safe to say that whatever Steve Jobs has left behind is something which would never be forgotten by the masses.
And so it came to pass that in the 2000s, when much about the wider world was causing Americans intense anxiety and frustration, the one thing ...

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