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Switzerland Culture against Singapore Free essay! Download now

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Switzerland Culture against Singapore

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Switzerland Culture against Singapore essay previewSwitzerland Culture against Singapore essay previewSwitzerland Culture against Singapore essay preview


A study of Singapore and Switzerland Working Culture


Table of Content
1. Overview of Singapore’s 7th Heaven resort 2
2. Tourism and Medical tourism 2
3. PESTEL of Switzerland 2
3.1 Political and Legal 2
3.2 Economic 3
3.3 Social-cultural 3
3.4 Technological 3
4. Cultural Analysis 3
4.1 Incongruous Behavior 3
4.1.1 Business Etiquette and Corporate Culture 3
4.2 Hofstede Cultural Dimensions 4
4.2.1 Power Distance Indexes (PDI) 4
4.2.2 Individualism vs. Collectivism 4
4.2.3 Uncertainty Avoidance vs. Risk Taking 5
4.3 Trompenaars’s Cultural Dimensions 5
4.4 Leadership styles 5
4.5 Motivation 5
4.6 Human Resource Management 5
4.6.1 Labour Law and Market 5
4.6.2 Compensation Plan 6
5. Key Issues/Challenges 6
6. Recommendations and Action Plan 6
6.1 Bridging cultural differences 6
6.2 Reducing high labour cost 7
6.3 Aligned motivational values 7
7. References 8
8. Refereed Articles 10

1. Overview of Singapore’s 7th Heaven resort
As the name suggests, 7th Heaven, a place where one can simply relax and submerge into a natural, stress free environment, to rejuvenate, recuperate and to have an enjoyable stay. 7th Heaven Resort is a luxury resort nestled at the north-western region of Pulau Ubin overlooking the sea away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
7th Heaven Resort is a green resort focusing on health and wellness, by exercising Eco-Friendly measures and operations, equipped with latest conservation technologies. 7th Heaven Resort plans to place itself as a resort that harmonizes with nature and the environment via campaigns and its operations. Having facilities and activities directed toward living healthy and promoting wellness along with highly skilled professionals ensures that 7th Heaven Resort attracts medical tourist around the world. 7th Heaven has intention to set up another establishment that taps into the European markets and is considering Switzerland as a potential destination.
2. Tourism and Medical tourism
Switzerland received 8.6million arrivals in 2010, with an increase of 4% from the previous year. According to Euromonitor, in 2010, 30,000 people visit Switzerland yearly for health reasons and an estimated of US$530,000 of tourism’s spending is derived from medical tourism. Switzerland’s health system is ranked 20th by the World Health Organization and the government aims to increase its medical and wellness tourist by 50% by the end of 2014.
Switzerland is in the heart of Europe with superior tourist infrastructure, breathtaking scenery for tours and relaxation along with exceptionally excellent medical facilities. According to Singh (2011), “competent doctors”, “high quality medical treatment facility”, and “prompt medical treatment when needed” were the top three consideration factors of a medical tourist and the services provided at 7th Heaven happen to meet all the three consideration factors.
3. PESTEL of Switzerland
3.1 Political and Legal
With a corruption index of 86 (out of 100), Switzerland is ranked 6th (out of 176) in the world. Singapore and Switzerland has worked together to form the two most competitive economies in the world and there are strong bilateral ties between the two countries and Singapore has a FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with the Swiss. This is beneficial for 7th Heaven due to its political stability and ...

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