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Strategic Business Analysis of Tesco Free essay! Download now

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Strategic Business Analysis of Tesco

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Strategic Business Analysis of Tesco essay previewStrategic Business Analysis of Tesco essay previewStrategic Business Analysis of Tesco essay preview


Strategy analysis of tesco


Strategic Business Analysis of Tesco

Many businesses exist and grow because they are successful in satisfying a need in the market. These needs are determined by the consumers who are considered an important component of any business endeavor. The primary reason for a business existence is to continue identifying consumer needs and then come up with tangible responses to address these needs. This requirement makes business companies like Tesco spend a considerable amount of effort and intellect in analyzing the behavior of the consumers in order to effectively formulate appropriate marketing strategies that would assist the firm in effective production and delivery. As seen in the studies of Griffin, J. (2002) and Child, P. N. (2002), consumers makes companies and organizations recognize and internalize consumer issues that would help strengthen their marketing strategies. In fact, Tesco as the leading retailer in the United Kingdom and is now currently expanding undergoes very diverse changes almost everyday.  Being an influential corporation, Tesco has a huge responsibility to uphold the interests and needs of its consumers, staff, stakeholders and the environment. With this huge responsibility, the corporation must be able to establish good relationships with their partners and consumers, thus, helping them cope with their expansion and encountered situations.
As part of their business strategies, Tesco are now making their move into consumer banking.  And in accordance to the development and downturns in global financial market, is the Tesco’s plan concerning consumer banking just a value-added services or the company are becoming opportunistic and taking advantage of the 2008 turmoil in the global financial system to enter a new market when competition appear weaker?
The Company
As indicated in their website, Tesco is recognized to be United Kingdom’s biggest supermarket, dominating in British retail sector with both global sales and domestic market share. It originally caters in food but expanded it scope of service to clothing, consumer electronics, consumer financial services, internet service, and consumer telecoms. Tesco’s strategy is focused in long term engagement and based into four key parts namely: core UK business, non-food business, retailing services, and international presence (, 2009).      In relation to their business practices, communication with their customers is really vital. Basically, marketing communications for Tesco encompasses wide range of advertising and promotions (Popper, D. E. 2007). Marketing strategies which comes with the marketing communications should be that effective to attract the consumers and be competent enough for the business market on the local and international scenario.
When marketing communications and strategies are in concern, Child, P. N. (2002) explained that Tesco has been well supportive with any methods which can make them profit and especially with no much of expenditures attach on it. One of the marketing strategies which Tesco has ...

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