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Sanowara Dairy food limited Free essay! Download now

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Sanowara Dairy food limited

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Sanowara Dairy food limited essay previewSanowara Dairy food limited essay previewSanowara Dairy food limited essay preview


It is all about marketing mix of Sanowara Dairy food limited


1.1 Background of the study:

Business is now rising day by day. Globalization has opened the door of magic realistic changes of business. Open market economy is now a national question. In this situation there is a country named Bangladesh which was the colony of Britain for 200 years but now and independent country is struggling with its economy.

In some recent years Bangladesh is also rising in the Business sector. Many companies are now opening and a lot of new dimension in business is introducing. A lot of foreign investor is now interested to invest here in various sectors. From those various sector one of the field is dairy food sector. It is a very hopeful sector for our country because Bangladesh economy basically depends on agriculture.

In this context some of the companies in our country are now producing various dairy products. Sanowara, Shah Dairy, Meghna Dairy are renown of them. In this report we discuss about Sanowara Dairy Foods.

1.2 Objective of the study:

Everything should have some sort of objective. Objective should be made in such a way that provides the optimum benefit to the study. An objective gives a boundary of any task and makes it possible to accomplish. My research has some objective which makes the report possible to be submitted. Every objective provides a chance to know about the related matter. In my report I also have some objective that gives me chance to know about the followings:
To know about the marketing mix of SDFL
To know about the product management of SDFL.
To know about the packing standard and size.
To know about the product feature.
To know about the pricing policy of the company.
To know about the considering factor of pricing.
To know about their market coverage.
To know their distribution system.
To know about their promotional tools.
To know Retails opinion about Sanowara dairy
To know company’s opinion toward retailers

As a student of BBA one should know about the above matter. If I am successful to get the data of all ...

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