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sample exam marketing principles Free essay! Download now

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sample exam marketing principles

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sample exam marketing principles essay previewsample exam marketing principles essay previewsample exam marketing principles essay preview


sample exam



COURSE: Marketing Principles





Reading time: 15 minutes
Writing time: 3 hours
Total number of pages: 10
(This examination paper cannot be retained by the student.)


1. This exam paper contains Sections A, B, C
Section A: Multiple Choice Questions = 20 marks
Number of questions: 20 questions
Section B: Short Essay Questions = 15 marks,
Number of questions: 4 questions
Section C: Case Study Questions = 15 marks,
Number of questions: 2 question.
2. Write your full name and student number on each examination booklet together with the number of examination books used. Also write your name and student number on the multiple choice answer sheet.
3. The entire examination question paper & multiple choice answer sheet are to be included with your examination answer booklets and MUST NOT BE removed from the examination room.
4. Section A (multiple choice) is to be answered on the multiple choice answer sheet provided with your examination question paper.
5 Attempt all questions in Sections A, B, and C. Carry out the instructions on the front cover of the examination booklet.
6. This examination totals 50 % (percent) of the total assessment of the course. Students MUST attain satisfactory results for the internal assessment, and at least 50 % for the final examination, before a PASS can be awarded for this course.
7. No written material can be brought into the examination.
8. No dictionaries are allowed in this examination unless you have a duly authorised special consideration by the Course Co-ordinator, on recommendation of RMIT disabilities Liaison Unit or a Student Counsellor. Students must bring this authorisation to the exam venue.

NOTE: You must be a properly enrolled student in this course to be eligible to sit this exam and to receive an official result. You are not entitled to sit this exam and no result will be recorded if you are not properly enrolled or have gained special permission from the Course Co-ordinator to sit this exam at this time.

Multiple-Choice Questions

20 Multiple Choice Questions worth 1 mark each. (20 x 1 marks = 20 marks)

Select the ONE BEST answer. Multiple answers to the same question will be marked as incorrect.

Circle your multiple choice answers on the answer sheet attached to this paper. Place the entire examination paper, together with the answer sheet, in your examination answer script.

Write your name and student number on the answer sheet that is on the final page of this examination paper.


1. Marketing always involves:
an economic transfer of goods or services in exchange for money.
producers, wholesalers and retailers engaged in bringing a product to a consumer.
selling products.
an exchange process requiring that two or more parties voluntarily exchange something of value.
profit maximization.

2. Marketing activities aimed at building long-term relationships with parties, especially customers, that contribute to the ...

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