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Retail marketing stratgies of Argos and its implication Free essay! Download now

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Retail marketing stratgies of Argos and its implication

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Retail marketing stratgies of Argos and its implication essay previewRetail marketing stratgies of Argos and its implication essay previewRetail marketing stratgies of Argos and its implication essay preview


An essays on Retail marketing strategies of Argos and its implication


Retail Marketing Mix Strategies at Argos UK.

Marketing mix strategies are important part of marketing plan. It shows the strategies adopted by an organization in order to effectively market its products to consumers. Retail marketing mix strategies should always be developed keeping customers needs and requirements as priority because it should always satisfy customer needs. The success of strategies depends on ability of an organization to satisfy customer needs better than its competitors in market. Krishna & Vasant (2006). Therefore it can be said that marketing mix strategies in retail are highly influenced by the customer’s needs and requirements and strategies adopted by competitors. That aim of marketing mix strategies in retail sector is to satisfy specific customer needs with price strategy that can make some profit for the organization (Kurtz et al,2009)
Blankson(2010) explain that retail marketing mix strategies should aim to create distinct image in the mind of consumer while mix can vary on the basis type of specific market requirements.

Many elements can be placed to form marketing mix of any organization but most significant elements are given as follows

Store location
Merchandise and Category Management
Inshore marketing
Customer Relationship Management

These retail marketing mix strategies at Argos are discussed here in detail

Store Location:-

The selection of store location is most significant and important decision and success of business heavily relies on this decision. Store location contributes to the success of any organization. Argos initially emphasised high streets locations and shopping malls and continue opening its store near populated areas in order to provide consumer easy access and facility to visits the store. Explains stores can be opened in planned and unplanned sites and have its own advantages and disadvantages. While it also attracted the number of customers visiting high streets for shopping. Argos has today 750 branches across the Uk and Ireland making it easily accessible to consumers ( ). Argos claims it has its access to almost 70% of Uk population through its store and catalogues. This accessibility through stores not only provided Argos with an advantage edge but also better store location has to contributed to retailer that offers consumer most of the items they need. This way the target market of Argos stores is the consumers who consume to do alls ort of shopping at high streets. Further delivery and online ordering services are also introduced to customers.

Argos has concentrated a lot on its store location in past many years while there is huge growing trend of consumer online buying. Argos should emphasize targeting and opening online stores with better visual appearance and better offers can helps Argos in saving operational costs required due to further store openings.

Merchandise and Category Management :-

Mechanising is interagted with category management in past few years. ...

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