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research project

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research project essay previewresearch project essay previewresearch project essay preview


research project for obesity


Abstract 3
1 Introduction 4
2 Literature Review 5
2.1 Gene problem and disordered lifestyle 5
2.2 Choose healthy lifestyle and diet 7
2.3 Facilities and campaign are carried out by university 7
2.4 Conclusion 8
3 Methodology 8
3.1 Research Design 8
3.2 Research Method 9
3.2.1 Questionnaire 9
3.3 Data Analysis 10
3.4 Ethical Considerations 10
3.4.1 Informed consent 10
3.4.2 Guarantee Privacy and Confidentiality 10
3.4.3 Anonymity 10
3.5 Health and safety 10
3.6 Limitation 11
3.7 Conclusion 11
4 Findings 11
4.1 Gene problem and disordered lifestyle 11
4.2 Choose healthy lifestyle and diet 12
4.3 Facilities and campaign are carried out by university 13
4.4 Conclusion 14
5 Discussions 14
5.1 Key findings in questionnaire 14
5.2 Limitation 14
5.3 Conclusion 15
6 Conclusion 15
Bibliography 16
Appendix 1 18
Appendix 2 20
Appendix 3 21

Obesity is a worldwide problem prevailing in many countries, and perplexes a large amount of students. This paper investigated the factors and solutions of obesity related to students who are studying in LIC. With special focus on the perception to obesity of students in Liverpool International College, the study discuss that the different factors caused obesity and various solutions to lose weight. Quantitative methods were used via questionnaire and the method of sampling was non probability sampling. The project identified disordered lifestyle as well as imbalanced diet as the main factors causing obesity. More practice would be the good solution to deter obesity. It was shown in findings that more practice and balanced diet can be solved this tough issue.

Key words:

Obesity Disordered Lifestyle Practice

An investigation into the understanding of the effects of obesity and methods of losing weight among students at Liverpool International College
1 Introduction
Obesity is a worldwide problem prevailing in many countries today. According to Ling (2005) over half of people in developed countries are obese and the trend is upward. The World Health Organization (n.d.) defines as excessive fat accumulation and an abnormal factor that presents a risk to health which leads to a multitude of chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer, and even death (Steelman and Westman, 2010).

To date a significant amount of empirical work has been conducted to investigate the factors causing obesity and the solutions to lose weight (Nicolaidis, 1997; Kopelman, 2001). Recently, similar studies have been conducted in the factors and solutions of obesity (Waine, 2002; Kiess et al., 2004; Ling, 2005). This research has given a snapshot of factors lead to obesity towards alternative approach to lose weight. Additionally, a growing number of studies identified the relevant element to obesity of children and local people in developed countries (McElroy, 2006; Hu, 2008; Steelman and Westman, 2010). However to date, limited studies have attempted to cover the field of international students ...

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