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pecan production inputs

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pecan production inputs essay previewpecan production inputs essay preview


pecan production inputs


According to McEachern, Stein and Sauls (1997) report, there are many different factors of inputs that go into the production of pecans. These factors are all interpedently related to one another and any of these can result in low or no growth and tree death. If all conditions are favorable, a pecan producer can expect production of 1000 pounds of pecans per acre. Input price is also a major concern with pecan production where it averages about $2000 per acre to begin production. Some of the most important input factors are discussed below.
Climate and Irrigation
Pecans require at least 285 warm growing days and warm nights to be able to produce efficiently. If it does freeze, tress that are less than 10yrs old and older trees under stress are most likely to be killed due to the freezing temperatures. Although, rain and irrigation are essential to the growth of pecan trees it can make harvesting difficult lead to diseases such as pecan scab. Pecan trees do require 2inch of water per week and should never go longer than 21 days with out rain or irrigation. The entire orchard floor needs to be covered for irrigation to be affective. (McEachern et al., 1997)
Another input that is for the most part uncontrollable but crucial is the soil. Soil that is not suitable for pecan growth is the number one factor that causes orchards to fail. Most pecan trees can grow on very shallow soil; however 32in is the recommended soli depth for areas where 1000 pounds per acre production is desired. This soil should also be well drained prior to planting to ensure the lands ability to hold water air and nutrients. Of the factors that cause soil to be undesirable for pecan production, poor drainage is one of the largest factors. (McEachern et al., 1997)
Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (NPK)
Nitrogen application is a must if upmost production levels are to be reached. There should be multiple application times, first of which should be applied in April during the initial bud break. There should be a second application of nitrogen in May and a third spray in May. If there is a heavy production season nitrogen can also be applied in July and again in August. As a basic estimate, a farmer should apply 10 pounds of whole nitrogen per 100 pounds of forecasted production levels. If output is estimated at 1000 pounds per acre it would be safe to assume 100 pounds of Nitrogen should be applied. Due to the recent spike in Nitrogen prices which now average about $750 a ton this essential use of nitrogen is becoming a very expensive input. The amount of application also varies ...

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