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OCHN framework application of group coupon company Free essay! Download now

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OCHN framework application of group coupon company

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 OCHN framework application of group coupon company essay preview OCHN framework application of group coupon company essay preview OCHN framework application of group coupon company essay preview


the e-commerce essay of the business, the OCHN framework which can assist the company make it fit with its business model


BeeCrazy (Buy Together Hong Kong Limited, 2012) is a successful group coupon company, which provides an online platform for merchants and subscribers to exchange products and services at a discount in Hong Kong. In order to give a pleasant experience and competitive products for customers, its website design is cater to the customer needs and wants. The website of BeeCrazy is the continuum between utilitarian and hedonic. Being a successful and famous the deal-of-day website in the small and busy Hong Kong, the infrastructure of website certainly above the level of zone of intolerance.

First of all, the browsing trial is demonstrated in the following. On the domain page, it shows the deals which are provided by featured stores and other hottest deals from different categories. Besides, the photos of the deals displayed on the eye catching space and placed above the titles of deal. Moreover, the majority of deals' highlights are shown automatically when pointer moves to the photos of deals. Stepping in the customer's shoes, they would be delighted if they can get the latest and hottest discounts, also this layout contains full of attractive photos. More importantly, all the browsers can sign up to create the personal account to enjoy the personalized service. Also, BeeCrazy offers another option for the browsers at their convenience that they login by existing account of social network tool, Facebook.

Once click a photo of deal, the website will enter to a;nother page which shows the details,including fine print and redemption location. Location is displayed the on Google map and address of merchants is shown etc. Moreover, under the text, we can see more available photos can be browsed. Continuous to purchase process, click the buy now button to add the deal into electronic shopping cart. Consequently, it is convenient for browser to select several items and edit their selection. After selection, customers can complete the deal easily as there is the status bar which shows the clear workflow of the four-step purchase processes. During the process, the subscribers have option to choose delivery service or not. Besides, subscribers can select their preferable payment methods. After that, they can go back to personal accounts to print out their coupons or show their live code by their mobile devices.

Firstly, the structural firmness (Lee & Kim, 2002) could be divided into two sub-categories, including robustness and security of website. The robustness is the stability of website and access time of different pages. For example, any broken links or error appears. Practically, the access or response time of website partially depends on the hosting server or internet service provider that browsers are using. As stated by Chaffey, Dave, Dawsonera(2009), the speed of ...

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