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marketing - Starbucks Free essay! Download now

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marketing - Starbucks

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marketing - Starbucks essay previewmarketing - Starbucks essay previewmarketing - Starbucks essay preview




Starbucks Coffee Company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. At the beginning, it is just a small shop at Seattle. Now Starbucks has become the leading brand worldwide. Now it has around 17,000 stores and over 172,000 employees worldwide. It goes without saying that Starbucks is becoming one of the most famous brands in the world. This paper will mainly focus on the brand value of Starbucks and analyze why it can achieve huge success worldwide from different aspects, such as marketing, branding promotion and so on.
5 P's for Starbucks Coffee Company
Starbucks is not just offer its customers a good cup of fresh coffee, but a pleasant quality product, great customer service and better understanding of coffee culture. Starbucks has so far achieved unpredictable achievements in coffee chain industry. The following session will present some ideas on why Starbucks can be successful via 5P analysis. Now we will go through the strategies of 5 P's, price, product, place, promotion and people.

The Starbucks constantly adjust its coffee price in accordance with its competitor’s prices. In the meantime, The Starbucks maintain high quality products with good service and reasonable and competitive price. Thus, it can retain and keep attracting large number of consumers in the long run.
It is well known that Starbucks not only sell nice coffee but also sell some coffee-related products, such as cups, accessories, etc. In addition, its high quality coffee should be attributed to its great success today. The whole process of making coffee is high-standard, by saying this I mean Starbucks pay close attention to the coffee beans selection as well as expertise in roast. It also purchases and makes coffees which meet the growing needs of specific market and the customers.
Place plays an important role in tangibilizing service offerings .Choosing the appropriate location is also quite important for business success. Starbucks usually open its stores on busy streets, thus it can reaching large number of potential consumers and provide better service to its existing customers. It is important to note that apart from high quality goods as well as reasonable price, convenient place and pleasant environment also play a significant role in attracting consumers.
Starbucks make full use of a wide range advertisement channels to promote its products, service as well as its brand value. It employs TV, radio and internet to popularize its brand and compete with its rivals in the cut-throat market. As a matter of fact, we can see Starbucks advertisements everywhere in our daily life. At the same time, it reaches more and more people by cooperating with community charities. This will inspire people inside and outside the company and reinforce the company's value and image. For instance, after September 11, ...

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