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Marketing Segmentation and Positioning Free essay! Download now

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Marketing Segmentation and Positioning

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Marketing Segmentation and Positioning essay previewMarketing Segmentation and Positioning essay previewMarketing Segmentation and Positioning essay preview


start of business plan for scrapbooking


Marketing Segmentation and Positioning

This paper will give an overview of my company, products, state my marketing objectives and identify the market segment for the product and explain why the segment was selected. Next it will discuss the target market and why these customers will be targeted. Then a strengths, weakness, opportunities, and treats (SWOT) analysis of the company will be provided. Finally, it will describe the market position for the product or service.

My company name is J.Jís Designs. I chose to name the company after my oldest daughterís initials. I have research and have not found any other company in the southeastern region with the same name. J.Jís Designs will not only include carrying the latest supplies to make a scrapbook but also carry handmade cards and invitations made at the customerís request. For example, any person with a pile of pictures or photo albums that tell no story, scrapbooking would be an ideal opportunity for a story about a trip, person or even to come to life; or making personalize one-of-a-kind invitations for that special event. Our credo (ethics statement), Ensure that our customers most precious memories are handled with care, and to Ensure that the customers vision becomes reality.
J.Jís .Designs will offer these additional services to further complement our products:
Classes will teach introductory level†skills and teach the newest techniques showing how to implement them in easy ways
Customized page design for the very busy scrapbookers along with providing options to purchase completed scrapbooks
Personalized invitations and handmade cards with many templates to choose from
The following is a list of some of the supply categories that will be stocked:
Photo albums (Post type or three-ring) different sizes and designs
Acid-free and lignin-free papers in many colors, brands and sizes
Stickers, brads, eyelets, fibers, charms, and tags from various designers and manufacturers
Assorted adhesives, including glue sticks/pens and mounting tapes/squares
Chalks, watercolors, and walnut stain
Books and magazines (for ideas and techniques).
Cutting tools such as scissors, precision knives, trimmers, circle cutters and scoring blades
Embossing equipment, such as thin metals and tools
Organizers, to hold everything from papers to pens and punches to stickers
Templates (to help achieve many different kinds of writing fonts)
Cartridges in many styles
The latest pens, pencils and markers of various brands, sizes, and colors
Customer satisfaction is number one priority to do this our store will have products and items they cannot find anywhere else along with the basics.
Keep up with competitor prices while staying on top of our suppliers prices can help us stay competitive in price and in return we will draw more customers to our store.
Stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques by attending classes, craft shows, and social networking.
Identify the marketing ...

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