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Marketing Management Free essay! Download now

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Marketing Management

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Marketing Management essay previewMarketing Management essay previewMarketing Management essay preview


Briefing note for a new manager who is inexperienced in our products and markets


Marketing Management

Task 1 – Briefing note for a new manager who is inexperienced in our products and markets

Scope of the briefing note
The scope is a better understanding on our products and customers.
The aim is to provide a general view about our products and customers to our new manager. Further more we will have a deeper look at how market research can ensure a high level of customer satisfaction in our branch.

Our new manager has joined us from a different area and that’s why he is inexperienced in our products and clients.
Organize a training session for the new manager and introduce our markets in which our organization operates and our main products.
Our company is specialized in global market research focusing on advertising, marketing communication, media and brand equity research. Our company is a leader in understanding the influences on brand choice and how market communication can affect the clients’ brands.

Our clients are the biggest multinational companies as Kraftfoods, Johnson&Johnson, Nestle, Nokia, Unilever etc. We help them to understand their consumer needs and to gain a better understanding we offer different market research techniques as quantitative and qualitative research methods. Both techniques have own features and which methods are used it is based on mostly our clients’ objectives and budget. Our clients mostly do not possess any marketing background and in this case they just tell us what they imagine. During the meeting the final methods will be specified and if the main part is clear for both sides, then we create the final proposal with the final price.

Quantitative data is built on individual responses, statistically measured, very structured, and can be repeated in the future. A very important feature has to be mentioned as well that the results are directly comparable. Quantitative data can be created for our clients using different products as copy testing (advertising pre-testing) and tracking.

Copy testing helps to associate the relevant images, moods and messages memorably with the brand. We can say if the commercial is entertaining or involving to the consumers, the people will remember this ad and the brand or not which plays an important role in the brand awareness.

Tracking studies help in evaluating the effects of the clients’ marketing decisions and it is about change in the consumers’ relationships with brands. It gives us a clear understanding what has changed and why those changes have happened. Tracking data gives us answers for different areas as changes in the brand performance, development of consumers’ relationships with their brands and the influence of advertising and marketing support.

Qualitative research method is more opened, dynamic and very flexible in our branch. This data is statistically not relevant because these studies cannot be repeated. ...

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