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This essay is about the necessary steps are to be taken to start a business.


Factors Affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry 1 - Activity
This Activity is designed to be used in the classroom or as a homework task to support the teaching and learning of factors affecting the travel and tourism industry.
Factors Affecting the Travel and Tourism Industry 1 - Activity

Present the results of the following tasks in a series of notes.
Task: Changes in Destination
Changes in the places that customers choose to visit can occur as a result of several reasons:
They become unfashionable
They fall into decline through under-investment
Their growth is planned by authorities
Social change leads to new destinations emerging
Find one example of a holiday or leisure destination that has changed for each of the reasons given.

Task: Customer Types

Business organisations in the travel and tourism industry sell different products or services to different types of customer. This is known as 'market segmentation'. It involves identifying the different types of customer that exist in a market and treating each type of customer as a different segment.
Find one example of a product or service in your region, town or city that could be offered to each of the following customer segments of the travel and tourism market:
Leisure customers
Business customers
Independent travellers
Package holidaymakers
Age-specific groups
Find one example of a holiday or leisure destination that has changed for each of the reasons given.
Image: What products or services would appeal to families going on holiday with young children? Copyright: Corazon Eber, stock.xchng

Task: Length of Stay
Plan a short city break, involving travel and accommodation for a young couple (18 to 30) over a long weekend (Friday to Monday). List the estimated costs and the attractions or activities that they can expect.

Task: Variety of Things to Do
Carry out research from an online travel firm (such as Saga holidays, or and find an adventure holiday suitable for a small group (four or five people) from the 'grey market' (i.e. over-50s).
Deloitte Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Executive Report July 2004 [PDF - 1.2 MB]
Northern Ireland Surfing the Tourist Wave - BBC article
Tourism As It Will Be - Prospects Report
Broads Holidays Continue Decline - BBC article
Saga holidays

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