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Managing Mixed Economy Free essay! Download now

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Managing Mixed Economy

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Managing Mixed Economy essay previewManaging Mixed Economy essay previewManaging Mixed Economy essay preview


This essay is about the private, public, and non voluntary sector



Below is set out the preparation you need to do for each seminar, such that you come to the seminar prepared to engage in discussions individually and in groups around the questions set out. Note that on Blackboard, along with the items indicated for you to use here, there may also be other resources for each topic posted, and you should look for announcements with relation to new items/ news stories/ examples, which are posted.


Introduction to the module; assessment and overview


Drivers of change

Read the chapter by Hughes from the Blackboard site

Watch the video clip on the NHS

Discussion Questions

Why was/ is bureaucracy and ‘traditional’ public administration deemed to be ‘out of date’. Why does it persist?

What are the implications of a change in language from ‘administration’ to ‘management’?

What are the main elements of the ‘New Public Management’?


Management styles

Read the article by Chandler, on Blackboard, and the articles ‘Civil Service Training’ and ‘Separate Worlds’.

Watch the videos- ‘Managing in the NHS- Debate with Gerry Robinson’ and ‘Dementia Care- a private Business?’

Discussion Questions

What issues do we need to consider if we are to run care services as businesses?

What do you consider to be the main differences, which would be faced by a manager in the public sector as opposed to the private sector?

What skills do you think a public sector manager needs to have in 2013?


Markets and Regulation

Read the from the Blackboard site the articles ‘NHS and Markets- Guardian Editorial’; ‘Council Outsourcing’; ‘Mixed Economy of provision’; ‘Public Services go private’; ‘NHS Choice’, ‘Private Firm takes over hospital’ and ‘Private Healthcare: the lessons from Sweden’.

Watch the video clip ‘Is competition good for the NHS?’

Discussion Questions

Why have concerns been raised about the recent changes to public services, with respect to competition?

What may be the advantages and disadvantages of a public organisation outsourcing or contracting out most of it’s services? Are there alternatives?

Markets require choice; what issues may this raise, for example in Health care?


Strategic management and Leadership

Read the article by Johnson and Scholes from the Blackboard site, and the articles ‘Strategic Management in Public Services’; ‘Barriers to Public Sector Strategy’ and ‘Long Term Care’

Watch the video clip ‘Strategic Defence’

Discussion Questions

To what extent is strategic management distinctive in the public sector?

What are the difficulties involved in trying to be ‘strategic’ in public services?


Performance Management

Read the article by Jackson on the Blackboard site, and the article ‘Performance Management’.

Watch the video clips ‘Do School League Tables work?’ and ‘The Trap’

Discussion Questions

Why has it proven so difficult to measure the performance of public services like schools?

What issues are raised by efforts to measure performance here?


Innovation and Service Transformation

Read the articles ‘NHS and Technological Change’; ‘Telecare’; ‘Toyota and Local Government’ and ‘Housing and Tesco Clubcard’ on the Blackboard site.

Watch the video clips ‘Personal Budgets’, ‘Christian Bason’ and ‘Hall on Innovation’

Discussion Questions

What benefits does Co-Production bring to public services, and what issues may arise when it is used?

Public Services need to be innovative; how can service- redesign help users and what conditions do we need for innovation in the public services?


Working in Partnership

Read the three articles on ‘Collaboration’ and ‘How to make a partnership work’ on the Blackboard site

Watch the video clips on ‘Leeds Initiative’ and ‘LEPs’

Discussion Questions

Why is partnership working considered to be essential now?- what are the political, social and economic reasons?

Partnerships are often complex; what difficulties does this cause and how can they be managed successfully?


Public Private Partnerships… Pro and Con… an international perspective

Watch…. You can look through all of the clips in the ‘PFI’ folder; and also….on the ‘PRO PPP’ side… watch ‘PP1’; ‘PPP Focus’; ‘A Quick Introduction to Public Private’ and ‘Public Private Partnerships Lesoto’

…. And on the ‘CON’ side watch ‘Hall PPP’, ‘Bolivia Water Wars’ and ‘Water privatisation in James Bond…’

Discussion Questions

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