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Managing innovation and change Free essay! Download now

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Managing innovation and change

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Managing innovation and change essay previewManaging innovation and change essay previewManaging innovation and change essay preview


About music player industry change and innovation.


Managing Innovation and Change

This assignment contributes 40% towards the total assessment for this course (30% for assignment content and 10% for presentation).

The assignment will be evaluated as a group submission and you are required to organize yourselves into groups of minimum four (4) students to a maximum six (6) students. You must submit a completed and signed Group Work Contribution Statement if you wish to have the contributions of group members assessed individually.

This assignment is in two parts, Part A is a written submission and Part B is an oral presentation.

You are strongly encouraged to undertake library research and supplementary reading of recommended books. You are also advised to make full use of the principles, theories and techniques learnt during your lectures to complete the assignments.

Part A Written submission (30% of total course assessment)

Sector Innovation Patterns

Think about the sector in which your firm (or one with which you are familiar) is active. You could, for example, be looking at a firm involved in children's toy manufacturing. Now try to list the major changes in that sector over the past 25 years in terms of what contributes to competitiveness. Who (which firms) have been the winners and losers and why? You are trying to get a feel in this for how technological change can shape the competitive dynamics of an industry, so think about questions like these:

How has the industry changed and how has technology helped (or could it help) deal with these changes? (20 marks)

What new technologies have emerged and how have they been used? (20 marks)

What are the main market demands (e.g. price, quality, design, customization, speed of response, etc.) and how has technology affected the ability of firms to offer these?
(20 marks)

If a new entrant came into the industry what would he/she have to offer to become a market leader and how might technology help them do so? (20 marks)

You may need to spend some time asking people in your firm or reading about the firm and its wider sector to build up this picture.

For your written report, please note the following requirements:

The word length should not be more than 2500 words. Beyond the word limit, a penalty of 10% will be imposed.

Good reports are normally accompanied by relevant references. Citing no references or references cited in wrong format will result in a deduction of 10% in marks.

Please be reminded to take note of University of Wales Assessment Rules and Regulations that govern plagiarism which may result in an award of zero for this assignment and/or ...

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