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Management - Jetstar airline Free essay! Download now

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Management - Jetstar airline

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Management - Jetstar airline  essay previewManagement - Jetstar airline  essay previewManagement - Jetstar airline  essay preview


Analysis about Jetstar airline


1.0 Introduction
Jetstar Airways is a well known airlines brand on over the world which belongs to Qantas Group and started running business in May 2004 (Our Company 2011). This is an Australian low-cost airline that is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Moreover, Jetstar is the largest low cost carrier in Asia Pacific. Having 79 aircraft, this organization has offered up 3000 flights to 56 destinations in 17 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific region each week. . Professionals, management skills and machinery are needed in the organization to reach efficiency.
The main objective of this report is to detail the study of how Jetstar is running business by deeply apply by management theories and concepts in the analytical process of this report.

2.0 Macro-Environment analysis

2.1 Technology Environment

Singapore is known as a well-developed country and technology is one of its strength that mostly applies to health care service, commerce and service industries. Research showed that in 2010 almost 80 percent of the population using internet in Singapore and the service of internet booking has made life much more convenience. With the use of internet for e-ticketing, travelers can always get up date with the promotions of Jetstar by just visit the company website or even they can get the daily offers by e-mail. E ticketing is also the fastest way to get a airplane ticket because all we have to do is just clicking mouse and fill the requirement blanks. In addition, in 2009 Jetstar introduced the world-first SMS check-in technology. It is boarding passes via mobile phone text message (SMS) and 24-hour per-enrollment check-in prior. The technology was a part of major innovations investment to revolutionize air travel for the customers. It allow customers who purchase fares via the website to request for the automatic check-in in 24 hour prior with the boarding pass to then be sent via email or SMS text message. The technology has made Jetstar more convenient, hassle free and simpler for all of the customers.

2.2 Economic Environment

Singapore is the Southeast Asia's most important seaport, financial center and manufacturing hub. Singapore economic growth has been maintaining a steady rate. The strength of economic is strong service and manufacturing sectors with excellent international trading links. The Government’s strategy to address the region’s economic crisis includes increasing productivity, improving infrastructure, and encouraging higher value-added industries. One of the highest value industry is tourism which receipts a 12 percent year-on-year growth to rake in US$6 billion for the third quarter of 2011 and with total of 13.2 million tourists visited in the whole year. Singapore has made tourism became a major income for the development of the economic. Therefore, with the maintenance of interest rate and ...

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