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Management Information Systems - Tesco Free essay! Download now

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Management Information Systems - Tesco

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Management Information Systems - Tesco essay previewManagement Information Systems - Tesco essay previewManagement Information Systems - Tesco essay preview


The essay discusses the uses and importance of management information systems and it's application within Tesco


Management Information Systems
Despite the advance in information technology, computers still cannot take over business management. However, development in management information systems has been able to transform the effectiveness, power and efficiency of management. For an organisation, information is as important a resource as money, and is essential for survival. This essay will go on to explain the impact that Management Information Systems has had on Tesco and the way in which they collect, process and share data. It covers topics such as the analysis of the companies' information systems, including its transaction process system , Decision support system (DSS) and Executive support system (ESS), and types of hardware and software used throughout the organization.
In terms of computers, hardware is any physical device that is connected to the computer, or the computer itself. A perfect example of computer hardware is the monitor, which is an output that allows you to see what you are doing on the computer, on a screen. Other examples include keyboards, circuit boards and a mouse [Shanley, Tom. 80486 System Architecture. 3rd ed. Reading, Mass]. Without any hardware, a computer would not exist and, in turn, computer software would not have anything to run on, as software is executed within the hardware. In terms of Tesco, hardware used within the store will include tills, handsets for inventory recording software to run on, and computers for members of staff to use.
As opposed to hardware being physical, software is a term used to describe the collection of instructions and codes installed into the computer that cannot be touched, and is more of a logical nature. Examples of software are Internet browsers, and operating systems that the Internet runs on. A benefit of software in comparison to hardware is that software does not run out over time, whereas eventually, hardware will run its course. Again, in the context of Tesco, some examples of software that is utilised is inventory recording software, databases and RFID. RFID stands for radio frequency identification, which is a type of barcode that emits a radio frequency. This software allows supermarkets such as Tesco to track products as they leave shelf, meaning more can then be ordered, which enables greater efficiency.
Management Information Systems or 'MIS', is a computer based system which consists of collecting, processing, storing and sharing data in the form of information needed to carry out the functions of management. The term 'MIS' is commonly used to refer to the study of how organizations design and implement systems to generate information to improve efficiency and effectiveness of decision making . For example, Tesco can use this system to find out how many hours an employee has worked over a ...

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