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Leadership and change management theories Free essay! Download now

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Leadership and change management theories

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Leadership and change management theories essay previewLeadership and change management theories essay previewLeadership and change management theories essay preview


Essay is all about Leadership and it's popular theories




Leadership is about: an objective where you want to get to, you must know what and how it will take to get there, and who are the people, you want to follow you. Leadership Philosophy is always been debatable throughout mankind history. From the very beginning of the mankind there have been always, ethnicity, geography and political boundaries differences and distinctions among different peoples. The ingredients of leaders are not as like a recipe that you make a list of these ingredients and process them and you would be a leader. Leadership is not a thing that you can buy it from the market. It is the philosophy of different techniques that you have to follow them, implement them and get the outcomes. You will feel the change in your behaviour. There are various theories and various types of leadership that we will discuss in the following paragraphs to understand more deeply about leadership.
Leadership is the ability to lead people, the ability to generate ideas, communicate them and create belief in your followers that the idea or mission is worthwhile and they would have great results and benefits from the implementation of subject idea. “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things” says Peter Drucker and Warren Bennis

Trait theory of Leadership is concerned about that leaders are born or made. This theory people are born with inherited traits - and that some traits are particularly suited to leadership.

Early research on leadership - which was a development of the Great man theory of leadership - was based on the psychological focus of the day, which was of people having inherited characteristics or traits.

Attention was thus put on identifying these traits, often by studying successful leaders. The focus was not [as it today] on finding way of teaching these "skills" to people to "ds evelop" leaders, but was on finding other people with these traits who could also become great leaders.
Trait theory of leadership identifies the following traits and skills as critical to leaders [Stogdill 1974]:


Flexible to situations
Knowing to social environment
Very Ambitious
Very Assertive
Very Cooperative
Holding Decision Power
Very Dependable
Dominant (desire to influence others)
Very Energetic (high activity level)
Persistent to work
Tolerant in stress
Willing to assume responsible


Clever enough (intelligent)
Conceptually strong
Creative mind
Diplomatic and tactful behaviour
Good speaker
Knowledgeable in group task
Organised (administrative ability)
Persuasive personality
Socially skilled

Four primary traits by which leaders could succeed or fail were identified by McCall and Lombardo [1983]:

Emotional stability - centred, confident, predictable - especially under stress

Admitting mistakes - rather than wasting energy evading discovery

Good interpersonal skills ...

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