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Launching a new product in the UK Free essay! Download now

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Launching a new product in the UK

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Launching a new product in the UK essay previewLaunching a new product in the UK essay previewLaunching a new product in the UK essay preview


Marketing plan for NPD


Whereas the UK population expended in 2005 about £7bn at lunchtime, the delivery of food to the workplace only represents a 1% share of the market. Buyers are prepared to pay a premium price to match the sought benefit of convenience. NPD suggests the creation of O-Way; a product mix of Organic and Non-organic chilled ready meals to be delivered to workplaces in areas with high working population density.
O-Way objectives are financial. In the first quarter, the firm is willing to achieve the forecast sales of 40% of the full potential; this means 200,000 portions a month sold within 3 months, and 500,000 a month after the first year of trading.
The typical customer has an intermediate managerial position. He/she is a middle-aged professional concerned about sustainability issues and willing to pay a premium price for quality goods, which purchases with a certain frequency.
As O-Way utilises a Direct Distribution Channel Structure, other channel members are not required. Therefore, pull strategy is the most suited to create customer demand.
The production and the distribution are based on daily orders, with low level of demand forecasting.
O-Way will need five vans, provided for free by Toyota, whose sponsorship will cover the costs of maintenance.

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction5
2.0 Context6
2.1 Market Overview6
2.2 Customer Context6
2.3 Internal Context6
3.0 Marketing Objectives8
3.1 Launch Period8
3.2 First Year9
3.3 Long-term9
4.0 Segmentation and Targets10
4.1 Basis Of Segmentation10
4.2 Target Segments10
4.3 Typical Customer Profile11
5.0 Market Positioning12
6.0 Product14
6.1 Core Level14
6.2 Embodied Level14
6.3 Augmented Level15
7.0 Price18
7.1 Pricing Objectives18
7.2 Pricing Strategies18
7.3 Pricing Technique19
7.4. Influences19
7.5 Price Level19
8.0 Promotion20
8.1 Marketing Communication Strategy20
8.2 Advertising20
8.3 Public Relations22
8.4 Direct Marketing22
8.5 Sales Promotion23
8.6 Internet Promotion23
8.7 Other Promotional Activities23
9.0 Place25
9.1 Order Processing25
9.2 Main Logistics26
10.0 Further Marketing Developments28
11.0 Conclusion29
12.0 References30
13.0 Appendices32
13.1 Appendix 132
13.2 Appendix 233
13.3 Appendix 334
13.4 Appendix 435
13.5 Appendix 536
13.6 Appendix 637
13.7 Appendix 738

Riverford Organic Vegetables Ltd, the largest box-scheme supplier of farming produce (Key Note Organic Food and Drink, 2010), has asked the New Product Department to create a new market for the surplus of Organic produce occurred, following Riverford’s acquisition of arable farmland from competitors. The objective was to enter a market in which Riverford could take advantage of its expertise in delivering environmentally friendly products, whose consumption is likely to be affected by the actual economic turndown.

2.1 Market Overview
There is a substantial differentiation in the lunchtime habits of the labour force during the standard working week. The market can be divided in two sectors; Eating Out and Eating In (Mintel Lunchtime Eating Habits, 2005).
Eating Out market includes food bought in high street food retailers but not necessarily consumed out of the workplace. On the other hand, Eating In market only refers to goods prepared at home and packed in.
The whole UK population expended in 2005 about £7bn in ...

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