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Knowing Your Audience

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Knowing Your Audience essay previewKnowing Your Audience essay previewKnowing Your Audience essay preview


Chilean Copper Mine Collapse


Knowing Your Audience Paper

In this week’s electronic reserve reading, “Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse” (Weik, J.), there are two main audiences that need to be delivered a very sensitive message. They are the families of the trapped workers, and the remainder of the employees of MINERA San Esteban Primera. Although the message remains same, the delivery will be somewhat different based on the audience’s needs.
The families of the trapped employees will need to be reassured that everything that can be done to save their loved ones is getting done. In order to help the families cope with the situation, the company should also provide food and a place for them to rest nearby. The families will need to be regularly provided with updates on the status of the rescue mission.
The potential needs of the company’s employees will be slightly different than the needs of the families. The employees will need to be reassured that the company cares about all its employees, and is doing everything in its power to thoroughly investigate the safety incident. The employees also need to know that safety is the number one priority, and that procedures or policies will be implemented to prevent further mishaps. They may also require counselors to help the employees deal with the stress of the situation.
A face-to-face meeting is the best method to deliver the message to the family and the employees. The message is too important to be delivered in email or memorandum. In regards to the employees the meeting should take place at the site of the incident. In regards to the family, transportation should be provided to a place such as a hall or auditorium that can accommodate all the family members.
Since the miners are already aware of the dangers involved with mining, the message to them should be more direct and to the point. It would not be necessary to elaborate on a subject the audience is already well versed in.
The actions that must be taken before and after the message is delivered are similar. Having the latest information and most up to date facts on the workers before meeting with each group is necessary. The specific details of the rescue mission and current condition of the trapped employees will need to be provided along with an anticipated time it will take accomplish the mission. It is also important to have a plan of action for each day of the rescue.
Once the message is delivered, the next plan of action is getting through with a successful rescue. All involved with the rescue will keep in constant ...

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