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Jet2 marketing strategy Free essay! Download now

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Jet2 marketing strategy

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In this assignment I will be examining the market structure of to determine the key issues that they need to consider in order to be leaders in the low cost airline industry. We shall discuss its history in brief and analyse their key issues such as their ageing fleet, route expansions and the impact on their business and marketing strategies.
In order to fully achieve this, Michael Porterís five forces model will guide us to analyse the industry in a more enhanced depth. It will help us determine the intensity of competition, profitability and attractiveness of the industry.
We will incorporate a Pest analysis to audit the environmental influences upon the industry so as to achieve a strategic solution to increase jet2.comís market share as compared to its competitors Ryanair, Easyjet and Bmi.


Jet2 has enhanced its use of the internet. Currently 97% of their seats booking are done online. Press release (2009) This brings cost savings that are in turn passed over to the consumers. This makes them more competitive in price. The development of eco-friendly aircrafts such as the B757-200s with long range of 3,500 nm enables them to diversify further cost effectively. This is further proved by the JFK flights from LBIA in November 2008.
Also a look at their Internal Audit and balance sheet for the Financial year 31march 2008 on the appendix A. will help us see the feasibility of all these. A further explanation of this will be given later on in the assignment

Whilst using the BCG Matrix we can classify’s services according to the present market share and the future growth of the market.
Table 3.The BCG Matrix

 Jet2Holidays
 B757 ETOPs fleet conversion
 New York route Problem Child
 B757 – Burn High fuel.
 Declining traditional city break destinations.
Cash Cows
 Mixed Pax/Cargo Operations
 All aircraft are owned by the company. Dogs
 B757 only efficient with high load factors.
 Parma route

As shown above, the high growth rate but still relatively low market share suggests that the New York route is, according to the BCG analysis, in the “star” phase.

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