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Innovation and creativity at Google Free essay! Download now

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Innovation and creativity at Google

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how google innovates within its industry.


Innovation is not a single action but a total process of interrelated sub processes. It is not just the conception of a new idea, nor the invention of a new device, nor the development of a new market. The process is all these things acting in an integrated fashion. With this framework, Google is an innovation and the innovation here is not a product, not a search engine that has already been around since the early 1990’s- earlier than Google’s existence. Instead, it is a new way of presenting search results in the order of relevance. It is a new method of replying to customer enquires. It is a new algorithm- named Page Rank. Google is a very successful search engine that owes its success to a very reliable logic algorithm, good interpretation of data and simple, but useful web design. Larry Page and Sergey Brin two Stanford University students started their quest for the ultimate search engine in 1996. The algorithm that the Google search engine utilizes is unique and has distinct advantages over its competitors such as Yahoo, Microsoft and MSN. Google is therefore able to deliver more reliable results than its competitors as it is able to distinguish what might be useful and what is less useful to the person placing the initial search.
Google innovation is also a process, not something that suddenly appears on the earth. World Wide Wander and Archie in the 1990’s were among the first search engines that made the Internet so useful. They failed however, by not indexing the web pages and the search could only be based on titles, addresses and headers. In 1994 Web Crawler was an improved search engine which indexed full web pages allowing better searches and relevant results. Later, Lycos and Info Seek improved search engines, but the speed of searching was still slow. In 1995 Alta Vista innovated a new architecture. In 1998 the current search super power and the most powerful to date Google was launched.

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