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Information management Free essay! Download now

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Information management

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Information management essay previewInformation management essay previewInformation management essay preview


information management TMA Report


Introduction 3

Part 1 Question 1 4
Business strategy 4
PEST analysis 5
Competitive forces 6

Part 2 Question 2 8
2.1 Business processes 8
2.2 Process innovation 8
2.2 Process change 10
2.3 e-business 10

Conclusion / Word count 12

Part 2
Question 1 13

References 15


This report will address the questions being asked based on the business practices of Tesco’s. It will do this by using information from Block 6, Information Management (B203), other information available via the internet will also be used to support it. It will start by briefly looking at Tesco’s strategy and analysing its practices using different concepts that were looked at in this block and by using some previous elements of the B203 course. It will then outline what is meant by a business process and evaluate by using different concepts how it is responding to a changing environment. Tesco has been used as it is a company which has lots of visible information systems and there is a vast amount of evidence available for reference purposes.

Part 1
Question 1
Using the course concepts and theories from Block 6 analyse the information systems strategy of an organisation of your choice.

A business strategy
Curtis and Cobham (2009) highlight that every business can function fine on a day to day basis for a period of time. However in the long term there is a fundamental need for a business strategy, this is to give it some direction and purpose for its overall longevity and success. Among the reasons for a strategy are every department needs to be aligned so that everyone is working with a common goal, there may be some departments that are high performers however all need to be aligned with the company objectives. The business will have responsibilities to a number of different stakeholders, these will all have a vested interest in the strategy and the way it takes into account their interests. Tesco’s objectives are available via their website (Tesco, 2011)
The strategy will have components such as the information system strategy which will support the business. This IS strategy has become of greater importance as businesses now rely more on computerized information. The main focus of the businesses information systems strategy is determining what information systems must be provided in order that the objectives of the business strategy are realized. Along with this the information technology strategy concentrates on how to provide this information but not on the information required (Cutis and Cobham (2009) cited in Hinton (2009, p152)).
PEST analysis
When putting together a strategy external factors need to be taken into account and a PEST analysis can be used for this (Dib and Simkin, 2009), this is shown in the following ...

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