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impact of monetary and non-monetary incentive on workers preformance. Free essay! Download now

Home > University > Business studies > impact of monetary and non-monetary incentive on workers preformance.

impact of monetary and non-monetary incentive on workers preformance.

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impact of monetary and non-monetary incentive on workers preformance. essay previewimpact of monetary and non-monetary incentive on workers preformance. essay previewimpact of monetary and non-monetary incentive on workers preformance. essay preview


These study examines the impact of financial reward on workers productivity, and the impact non financial reward has on workers productivity.



There has been controversy as to whether Human Resources can be developed in public enterprises. It is against this background that an evaluation of Human Resources development in public enterprises was conducted. The questionnaire method was used to obtain data for the study and random sampling procedure was used in the selection of respondents from the organization under study. The sample percentage method of data analysis was used in analyzing the data obtained. The study found training, motivation, effective evaluation of employees performance can be used to develop Human Resource in public enterprises and various training methods were used to training employee in this organization. The study therefore conclude that for effective utilization of Human Resources in public Enterprises, there is need for training and development policy formulation and implementation.

Ordinarily an enabling environment is required for employee (either as a term or individual) to improve his/her performances in order to accomplish organization goals and objectives. It is based on this background that manager suppose to know the attitude of his/her employees/subordinates in the interest of the organization. The employees could be influences through several incentives; either monetary or non-monetary. These two forms of incentives for improve employees performance.

However, there is the need more than ever before to re-discover the weakness and the strengths of incentives used in motivating employee’s attitudes as a basis for future improvement and also to unravel the effectiveness of the use of incentives in motivating employees. It will also reveal the problems, frustrations, anxieties that employees pass through in their work environment where certain incentives are de-emphasized. It will equally assist management to engage in staff welfare development that will aid improved productivity.

Productivity is concerned with the total value or volume of output in work situation while production refers to the volume, value or quantity of goods and services produced in a given period by employees productivity shows the efficiency of production. Employees attitudes and performance have an immense bearing on productivity. Job performance of employees is determined by the ability of individual employee to perform well on his job as well as the level of motivation offered by the work environment and it is of fundamental importance in productivity. The study examined the attitude of employees towards monetary and non-monetary incentives in organization with the mindset that management will appreciate the needs of the use of incentives in motivating employee’s attitude.

In the past, employers of labour complained that employees performance were efficient when they are new but with time, their efficiency and productivity decreases, in turn the employees have attributed the ...

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