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Good and Bad Ad for Advertising Free essay! Download now

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Good and Bad Ad for Advertising

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Good and Bad Ad for Advertising essay previewGood and Bad Ad for Advertising essay previewGood and Bad Ad for Advertising essay preview


Donna Karan New York (DKNY) has launched a great advertisement for its fresh blossom perfume from their successful Be Delicious fragrance range.


Great advertisement
Donna Karan New York (DKNY) has launched a great advertisement for its fresh blossom perfume from their successful Be Delicious fragrance range.
Firstly, a great advertisement must be able to cut-through. Cut- through is defined as be able to come into the consumers’ mind and can easily go through the clutter advertising media.(Blackwell, Stephan & Stephan 2004, p.143) The reason that DKNY advertisement used the cut-through technique is because it can capture the attention from the readers. Their theme is excellent and attractive as it uses a pretty model that bites a juicy red apple. This clearly brings out the message that DKNY Be Delicious wants to deliver and invite you to take a juicy bite of life.
The advertisement is clearly defined, engaging and easily to memorize. Looking at DKNY Be Delicious range, the logo and name itself are so striking and make the customers can easily to think of the product. This is an excellent marketing concept because it prevents readers from not seeing it and then forgets about the products. It brings the consistency to the brand and people. Consistency of the advertisement reinforces the buyer’s memory and makes it more memorable, so that people will recognize and more familiar with the advertisement and products. Such consistency can be evidenced by similar apple inspired bottles, same slogan, and using the same Be Delicious theme. The advertisement is marvellous as the reader can straightforward recognise it is DKNY fragrance ad when see the advertisement.
As we know, the most important thing in brand growth is to attain more new customers rather than to encourage current customers to purchase more. Hence, a great advertisement like DKNY can help to get more new customers. This is link to the creative publicity, which is defined as to bring the advertisement to the concern of the public. It focuses on to reinforce the readers’ minds of the advertisement like other similar advertisements from the same Be Delicious series which make the brand as salience as possible (Ehrenberg et. al 2002, p.p 3-5). The advertisement proclaims the brand as DKNY- Be Delicious, so readers can automatically link it to fragrance.
This advertisement is good because it utilised the engagement theory. Engagement theory is normally used in skincare and cosmetic products. It uses a pretty model with perfect skin and body to capture readers’ attention, so when readers see the advertisement they will engage to it. This advertisement has the same goal by choosing a pretty female model that biting a juicy apple with seducing expression. So, when readers watch the advertisement, they will like it. It will attract them to visualize how delicious the fragrance is and also to increase their preference ...

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