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E-crm used in real world hotels Free essay! Download now

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E-crm used in real world hotels

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E-crm used in real world hotels  essay previewE-crm used in real world hotels  essay previewE-crm used in real world hotels  essay preview


How ecrm helps hotel business in the world today



1. Executive summary
2. Introduction - Competitive advantage provided by E-crm
3. Main report
-Elaborate case study on the success provided by E-crm to a company
-How E-crm worked for the chosen field
-Michael Potter’s 5 forces
4. Recommendations - Outcome of E-crm when implemented in a company
5. Conclusion
6. Harvard References

The internet can be a powerful tool for strengthening relationships between companies and customers but the laws of building loyalty are still basic and haven’t changed . what is changed is the pace at which companies must improve their product / services in hopes of keeping their costumer loyal as loyalty is not won by technology but one by excellent delivery of superior customer experience . But pulling in customers with extensive advertising over large amounts of webpages alone will do no good as hitting a target ordain or ordinance is next to impossible due to the over whelming number of active internet surfers , hence the tool E-CRM ( E-customer relation management ) . Basically being a tool that integrates internal organization resources and external market strategies thru IT to fulfill customer needs . hence making it possible to communicate with individual customers with ease .  One of the few examples are once customers are on the site businesses are able to use analytics to see where users are from, both geographically and through online sources as well as recent cookies on browsers , measuring how they’re engaging and what their interests are , and then setting up a generated advertising banner or font message that would probably interest the customers and pull them in .Making E-crm responsible for many companies to grow at a very fast rate .
E-crm provides a huge competitive advantage over other companies that do not use E-crm because its very much an efficient and cheap way to pull in customers in and not only does that but it also very easy to implement in most cases only uses the need to
put in a java script to a html source .Apart from this E-crm helps build customer relation and loyalty and this is important cause its said that its much more expensive to get or riel in a new customer than retention of a customer . Some may see the World wide web as a expensive costumer acquisition channel but others may counter that by saying that I cost 4 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one . Thou getting in a customer on loses at first , its well worth having a ...

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