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diversity in the american workplace

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diversity in the american workplace essay previewdiversity in the american workplace essay previewdiversity in the american workplace essay preview


how the businessplace has made some advances in diversity but still has a long way to go


Diversity in the American Workplace
This paper will discuss the issue of lack of diversity in the American workforce today. Even with the changing culture and racial mixture of the United States, there still are too few minorities, women, gays, and older workers in top positions.
What is diversity? Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between people in an organization. Diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, background and more.
Why the greater need for inclusion? Because there is a definite need to reach out beyond what used to be the norm for top executive talent: white men. . In the article “Diversity in the Workplace: How it Affects the Bottom Line”, Shellie Kerabell describes numerous reasons why companies are going outside the box to incorporate diversity in the workplace. Kerabell (2008), details this is a panel discussion with Sodexho CEO (the food services corporation) Michel Landel and economist-author Sylvia Ann Hewlett, founding President of the Centre for Work-Life Policy. Ms. Hewitt explains that the connection between greater diversity and larger profits is well known. She includes in her article that innovation and creativity is another added benefit of today’s emphasis for diversity in modern businesses.
Larger incorporation of minorities
Another explanation for inclusion of minorities in the workplace is that the talent pool today is diverse. Hewitt points out that only 17 percent of working individuals with a Bachelor of Arts degree is a white male. The rest of the talent pool is women and multi-cultural workers.
Racial Discrimination
Another common issue of diversity concerns is racial discrimination. It is often less overt discrimination than a subtle preference for non-minorities. Perhaps because of that preference, it appears that a new lawsuit for discrimination in hiring due to race is filed every week. Scott Hadly describes an incident in his article “Sailor Complains of Discrimination in Navy: Ventura Country Star.” Hadly (2011) describes a discrimination complaint submitted by a Navy petty officer, Keith Spencer, was filed last month. He claims that in his 15 year career in the Navy, there have been racial slurs, threats and a superior decision to keep him from deploying with his battalion to Afghanistan. Another alleged case of racial bias was filed by 15 African Americans against Canal Energy in a federal court in New Orleans in December 22. They assert that Canal Energy screens all job applicants to determine race and that some job applications were marked “B” for black. They also allege that Canal has a policy and practice of refusing to hire African Americans. The lawsuit has so rattled the company president, Steve Fetter, that the company is ...

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