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Cultural paper Singapore Free essay! Download now

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Cultural paper Singapore

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Cultural paper Singapore essay previewCultural paper Singapore essay previewCultural paper Singapore essay preview


My essay is about the business culture in Singapore



Singapore has a population of 5,4 million with a population growth of 1.993% in 2011, and is very densely populated. There are several Asian cultures in Singapore; that gives them the name “Instant Asia”, however there is a majority of Chinese people, who conduct most of the business in Singapore. The majority speaks English due to the western influences, especially due to Britain, because in the past Singapore was a colony of Britain. Singapore is a country with a high power distance culture (75), on the uncertainty avoidance dimension they score very low (8), furthermore they score on the masculinity dimension (48), which makes them a more feminine culture and on the last dimension individualism they score low (20), this makes them a collectivism culture.

Hofstede’s Framework

Power Distance

Power Distance: High
There are a lot of strict rules that the citizens of Singapore have to follow, if these are not followed it will result in a heavy fine. This is already the case if you drop a piece of gum on the ground. This shows the authority is centred in the upper level
In the workforce the head of the company is the sole decision maker, so if you have a meeting you have to send someone of equal rank in order to get an agreement between two organizations. Again the authority/decision maker is in the upper level of the organization

Tolerance of Uncertainty

Tolerance of Uncertainty: High
They are more open to risk and innovation; family, success, future and education drive them. This shows that they are more open for uncertain things and they don’t back off because they don’t know they outcome.
Then there is the prosperity, they follow the strict rules in order to improve the prosperity of the country, and this can be seen in for example the luxury cars they drive. They are not afraid that the country will fail on them.


The citizens of Singapore are very committed to their family; they do not only take care of their direct family but also their extended family. This shows the group behaviour.
They will do everything to maintain the harmony of the family or within the organization by saving each other’s face, they think as a ...

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