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Corporate Finance Free essay! Download now

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Corporate Finance

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 2946 | Submitted: 03-Dec-2011
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Corporate Finance essay previewCorporate Finance essay previewCorporate Finance essay preview


Essay about Corporate finance



This coursework is a requisite of the courseCorporate Finance and Governance.In this coursework investment analysis has been done to check the efficiency of a foreign investment of Mineral Plc atMedcoRepublic. In summary, it has been found that the invest of Mineral Plc is not going to be worthy.
Table of Contents
Page Number


1.1 Introduction 5
1.2 Reasons of this report 5
1.3 Aims and Objectives 6
1.3.1 Aim of the report 6
1.3.2 Objectives of the project 6
1.4. The Road map of the report 6
1.5 Summary 7


2.1 Introduction 8-13
2.2 Investment analysis 8
2.2.1. Net Present Value 8
2.2.1. A. Net Present Value of Mineral Plc Project 9
2.2.1. A. i. Cash inflow of Mineral Plc 9
Sales Revenue 9
Salvage Value 9
Release of working capital 9
2.2.1. A. ii. Cash outflow of Mineral Plc 10
Chemical regent cost 10
Furnace Cost 10
Labour cost 10
Other cost 10
2.2.1. B. Result of Net Present Value 11
2.2.1. C. Investment decision by using NPV result 12
2.2.2. Internal Rate of return 13
2.2.2. A. Result of Internal Rate of Return 13
2.2.2. B. Investment decision by using IRR result 13
2.3 CSR and Sustainable development issues 14-15
2.4 Foreign Currency Risk 15-17
2.4.1 Three types of risk 15
2.4.1. A. Economic exposure 15
2.4.1. B. Competitive risk 15
2.4.1. C. Accounting Exposure 16
2.4.2 Measures to reduce currency risk 16
2.4.2. A Diversification 16
2.4.2. B Reducing net equity position 16
2.4.2. C Hedging 17
2.5.Conclusion 17


3.1 Introduction 18
3.2. Summary of the findings 18
3.3 Limitation of the project 18
3.4 Recommendations 19

References 20-21



This chapter provides a brief idea about the aims and objectives of this report as well as about how those aim and objectives are going to be achieved. Besides, this chapter is also going to show the road map of this report. Apart from that, a short literature review on invest analysis, especially on foreign investment analysis has been done in this chapter.

1.2Reasons of this report
During the growth stage of any multinational organization, they do have an tendency to expand there whole business or part of the business in several foreign countries (Schall & Haley, 2007).

As stated by Johnson, Scholes & Grundy (1998) efficiency of a foreign investment can be decided by finding out net present value and internal rate of return of the project. But Farber (2000) also argued that there are some drawbacks of those methods. On the other hand, one of the most famous financial consulting companies Fred Thompson (2005) mentioned that even if a project is accepted by NPV and IRR, there are risks of foreign currency exchange rate and risk of political ...

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