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Childrens Defense Fund Free essay! Download now

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Childrens Defense Fund

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Childrens Defense Fund essay previewChildrens Defense Fund essay previewChildrens Defense Fund essay preview


Childrens Defense Fund - China



Introduction 2

Childrens Defense Fund 2

The Cultural Norms in China 3

Social Etiquette Considerations in China 3

Planning for Expatriate Success 6

Strategic planning 6

The expatriation cycle 6

Professional Qualities of Candidates for Assignments in China 10

Repatriation 13

Preparation 13

Adjustment to return home 14

Reverse culture shock 14

Motivation and esteem issues 14

Reference List 16


Childrens Defense Fund
The Childrens Defense Fund is a non-profit American organization that was started over 35 years ago that works relentlessly to ensure a level playing field for all children regardless of their background. The CDF champions policies and programs that lift children out of poverty; protect them from abuse and neglect; and ensure their access to health care, quality education and a moral and spiritual foundation. (“Childrens Defense Fund: About Us”, 2011)

Expanding CDF’s operation base
The CDF is planning to move into China as part of its strategic goal of becoming a multinational organization supporting the development of children world wide. Its goals in China will be similar to its existing ones in the United States with children being the main beneficiaries.

Preparing for the Move
Moving to another country as an expatriate is not an easy task for any family, They have to firstly be motivated enough for the move and then have the willpower to survive later on, Families have to prepare to leave their friends, other family members ,schools the children would go to, The American families have to keep various things in mind before moving over, This would be referred the preparation stage, In this case study, we look at an area whereby the company culturally prepares the workers for the big move to a foreign country as an expatriate.

The Cultural Norms in China

So that the Americans better examine the importance of culture in an expatriate training program for successful business in the company abroad, the business culture of China is examined. There are a few ways to properly prepare the Americans for an expatriate culture in China ; it includes step by step cultural information. The program should be administered in all the American workers, through:
One on-one workshop

Printed Information Documents- . This way, the expatriate can refer to it whenever he/she needs to and take it overseas. There should be a section that details each characteristic, going more in-depth to refresh the expatriate of the cultural training program he/she received, and a table that sums it all up.

The Americans always need to keep in mind that with a huge population of 1,326,804,433 people, China is a modern country with excellent business practices (Rosenberg, 2010). Still, they have a very strong culture that is worth learning about for a multinational prior to initializing business with the Chinese.

Social Etiquette Considerations in China

Chinese clothing is more conservative, Business wear often includes
Dark suits for men, and conservative dresses and suits for women. The excessive
Use ...

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