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Business Environment

Research suggests the environment surrounding organisations can be divided into two elements, the internal environment and external micro-environment. The internal environment of an organisation deals with the management of resources like human resources, physical resources, technology, financial resources and any others that constitute the organisation, to implement or perform strategy. Strategy in sync with the internal environment is needed when dealing with competition, as it determines the company’s profile, giving an insight to strategic competences and weaknesses (Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation 2014). Also culture and other intangible aspects like teamwork, co-ordination, efficiency of employees, running costs and salaries (MBA SKOOL 2008-2014). The external micro-environment of an organisation is also recognized as the task environment and operating environment because the micro-environmental factors have a direct bearing on the operations of an organisation. Such factors are more intimately linked and affect the performance of the organisation and can be identified as the suppliers, customers, marketing intermediaries, financers and community.

Audit One
What are the vital statistics of Bravissimo Ltd?

In terms of size Bravissimo has been identified by the Sunday Times 2014 as a “multi-million-pound operation” with 25 stores, large number of employees, online website and sister clothing brand Pepperberry, operating from within 22 stores. Compared to similar organisations this is know as a mid-sized organisation…

Bravissimo’s turnover over the last 18 years according to The Startups Team in 2013, amounted to £45million which then increased in the same year by 4% to 46.5million Retail Week 2014.

Bravissimo’s pre tax profit in august 2013 was £2.52million increased from £1.76 million in 2012. In a recent report by Retail Week 2014 Sarah Tremellen states “we’ve been showing a healthy growth for the last few years. Its partly due to change in our marketing strategy, over the past couple of years, which was making sure, we was focused on, making sure what we spent, was more effective”. This shows bravissimos strategy is proving efficient for the organisation with a 31.1% increase in profit over the 12month period.

Numbers Employed
The number employed by Bravissimo according to Company Check 2014 in 2012 was 736. Compared to the year after in 2013 the number of employees decreased to 703, as quoted earlier by Retail Week 2014 the strategy in place, focused on spending efficiently is apparent in the decision to reduced employment.

Market Share
It can be argued Bravissimo is a quite a large organisation, as a Case Study: Bust Break Through back in 2004 identified, at that moment in time, Marks & Spencer to be Bravissimo’s only limited competition - resulting in Bravissimo adopting a new channel ...

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