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Brand Comparison

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Brand Comparison essay previewBrand Comparison essay previewBrand Comparison essay preview


The effects for the comsumer from similar brands



The analysis of Brand from theoretical perspective can help us to understand the challenges of it and to propose better way on the establishment of brand strategy. Because brand becomes social phenomenon and it is hardly to describe characteristics or illustrate ideas without considering brand.(Wally Olins, 2003)
At a time of product adulteration, it means quantity and price, but nowadays the brand becomes standing for the all of a company and their products.(Wally Olins, 2003).
In this assignment, it would be compared with Walt Disney picture (Disney) and Dreamworks Animation(DWA) as keen competitor in business, because Disney has stood unchallenged position but it had be in hot pursuit of DWA since 2004.


The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest media and entertainment corporations in the world. It Founded on October 16, 1923, by brothers Walt and Roy Disney as an animation studio. They have produced famous characters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and a number of memorial animations. (Disney official web site, 2008)
DWA began in 1994 as an ambitious attempt by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen to create a new Hollywood studio which is producing and distributing of commercial movies and animations. In particularly DWA is producing the animations that set a goal of teenagers and adults. (DWA official web site, 2008)

Figure 1 The Market Scales and Forecast of Animation Industry
(Source : Pricewaterhouse Coopers, 2003)

Market and Business Factors

North America is becoming standard that estimate success of global.(CAPA, 2004) World animated film market shows gradually increasing even from beginning of 2000’s, and illustrates growing rate of around 5%.(Figure 1)
Particularly the market share of United State demonstrates the interesting outcomes. DWA has introduced first film in 1998 and reduced the gap with Disney through ‘Shrek’ as starting point in 2001. Finally DWA accomplished the top of market share with ‘Shrek 2’ in 2004.
(Figure 2)

Figure 2 The Market Shares of Animation in United State (Source :KAPA, 2004)

Figure 3 The Market Strategy of Disney and DWA (Source : KAPA, 2004)

It seems that both companies have different attitudes to the market from a view of segmentation even though they aim same market in their business. Disney focus on the audiences centered children and family, but DWA has a different strategy which concentrates teenagers and adults. (Figure 3)

Brand Strategies

Many people remind fairy tales, dream and hope from a name of Disney. Because they produced animated films and also their series of business were achieved under the brand slogan titled “delivering a sound pleasantness for children” since 1938.
It can play a role which strongly implants the brand image that is a friend of children into people. On the other hand, DWA aims producing animated film which can be enjoyed all age ...

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