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BMW Report Free essay! Download now

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BMW Report

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 3828 | Submitted: 12-May-2011
Spelling accuracy: 96.4% | Number of pages: 15 | Filetype: Word .doc

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BMW Report essay previewBMW Report essay previewBMW Report essay preview


Process Analysis, Report & Presentation: Customer Relationship Management, Bavarian Motor Works (BMW)


Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary 3
2.0 Overview of BMW 3
3.1 The purpose of CRM 4
3.2 The CRM Process 4
3.3 Suitability of the CRM System 5
4.1 Sales Force 6
4.2 New Customer Acquisition 6
4.3 Customer Service 6
4.4 New Product Development 7
4.5 Direct Marketing 8
4.6 After Sales Services 8
5.0 Conclusion 9
6.0 References 10
7.0 Appendix 11


The following report examines the customer relationship management (CRM) system currently in use by Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). The system named Hyperwave is central to the client relationship management of BMW and in focus we look at the Australian, Asian, European and North American markets.
The use of Hyperwave and improving CRM as a process is the value creating asset that BMW tie into their operating strategy. This is evident with the strong marketing and customer relationship management strategy they currently have in place.
In our report we overlook the operations of BMW and relate to theory and practice the purpose of CRM, the process and the suitability of the processes in place. Furthermore we identify and analyse some CRM operations that BMW are currently undertaking. These include BMWs sales force and the waiting times for customisation of their special model vehicles, the use of CRM to acquire and help new customers, customer service and issues related to the iDrive system, the new product development system, and direct marketing system/ after sales service roles.
The report identifies several problems with BMWs image and ongoing value stream management in relation to the CRM process in place. These include the lack of customisation to specific geographic areas, the long waiting times with relation to customisation of vehicles and the creation and linkage of value to the brand itself.
Our conclusions summarise the key findings in regards to theory and current practice, finally recommending procedures, ideas and steps management should undertake at BMW to improve the CRM process to better help manage customer relationships and in term create a better value proposition.


Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company. Founded in 1916, it is known for its performance and luxury vehicles which it began producing in 1928. It owns and produces the MINI brand which it acquired in 1999, and is the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor cars.
BMW currently produces eight premium models and is renowned as a builder of high end luxury vehicles whose products command high prices in all markets throughout the world. From its head quarters in Munich, the highly centralized company ensures the BMW brand retains its ...

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