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A Consumption Experience Free essay! Download now

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A Consumption Experience

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A Consumption Experience essay previewA Consumption Experience essay previewA Consumption Experience essay preview


Marketing Consumption; A Consumption Experience


Consumption Paper
‘‘A Consumption Experience”
Throughout my entire life I have been involved in thousands of purchases which have made me evolve into skeptical consumer when it comes to high priced items. My most recent adventure in buying a product was tire shopping. Throughout my few years as a driver, I have never had the opportunity to buy a tire that would be in use for its lifetime on the road. The tire that I planned on buying had to be at a good price for a broke college student and be able to survive all types of outdoor conditions.
I first noticed that I needed new tires around November 2009 when the snow just started to fall. I was scared to be driving through the snow with less than super tires but I to deal with it because of my money situation. I soon forgot about the fact that my tires were horrible, I went through the spring and most of the summer with my original tires. It wasn’t until September that I had more than one person tell me that my tires were about the blow up. Being the procrastinator that I am I just used a few family members for information about tires, since they really didn’t know much they just recommended me to a few tire shops that they knew of to ask about tires. When speaking to the tire shops I mainly told them about my situation and what kind of tires would be best suited for how I drive. With the information they told me about what kind of tire to use I soon was too scared to commit to a tire company.

About a week after talking with the few tire companies that I knew of, I had to opportunity to see a commercial on the television about a company called Tire rack that has thousands of tires to look at. With the new knowledge of a website that offers thousands of tires, information on all those tires, and the convenience that all I have to do is sit on the couch with my laptop I was hooked. I soon spent almost all of my day searching each tire that fit the size that I needed by the design of the tire and the scores each tire received in the test that the company put it through. With all of that information guiding my search, I soon found five different kinds of tires that would be best fit for how I drive on a day to day basis. With those five tires in mind I called up ten different tire shops in my area to see how much they charge on ...

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