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Batman Begins Essay Free essay! Download now

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Batman Begins Essay

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Justice and punishment


Batman Begins Essay

Justice and punishment
Bruce Wayne was a criminal and whilst in jail he met some man (Ra’s al ghul).This man sent him on a quest and told him how to conquer his fear. Bruce Wayne feared bats. When he was a young kid he fell into a hole and he surrounded by bats. They are his worst fear. His father and mother were killed when they came out of a theatre because of Bruce’s fear of bats. They were shot. Bruce was left with a guilty conscience that it was his fault that his parents were killed. After this he went into a life of crime and was eventually sent to jail. After meeting Ra’s al ghul he was trained up to be a warrior to try and save Gotham from people like Falcone. He was to be tested by having to execute someone. He couldn’t do it so he set fire to the whole place and went to save Gotham. He decided to use a symbol. The bat. He became the batman and he went out to save Gotham from destruction. He challenged people like Falcone and Dr Crane and he saved many people from thugs. His idea of justice was to help save people and he hoped by doing this he would gain absolution from his own sins as a criminal.
On the one hand, Henri Ducard tells Bruce that justice is balance: an eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth. Ducard burns down Wayne Manor because Bruce had burned down Ducard’s house. “Consider us even,” says Ducard. According to Ducard, justice and revenge are one and the same. On the other hand, Bruce's girlfriend, Rachel Dawes responds very pointedly to Bruce when he says he wanted to kill the man who murdered his parents because they deserved justice. Rachel says that there is a difference between justice and revenge: “Justice is about harmony,” whereas “revenge is about making yourself feel better.” In the end, Bruce rejects Ducard’s definition of justice and tells Rachel she was right: “Justice is about more than revenge." However the man who murdered Bruce’s parents was killed himself.
Falconi says that the power of fear is the kind of power money can’t buy. Twice Bruce tells Falconi he is not afraid of him. Falconi tells Bruce he doesn’t understand the criminal world and “you always fear what you don’t understand.” So Bruce goes 1,000 miles away where nobody knows his name and lives as a criminal in order to better understand that world so that he won’t be afraid of it. Additionally, Ducard plans on using fear as a weapon to destroy Gotham. He plans to disperse a weaponized hallucionogenic which will strike fear into people so ...

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